Mathew be stealing Beyoncé's dolla

Beyoncé sacked her father over stolen dolla? | The lowdown

Blood is thicker than water, but it don't put money in the bank. We all knew full well that Beyoncé's split from her ex-pimp of a father Darth Daddy Knowles wasn't a case of her wanting to spread her wings and see if she could make it on her own. Their relationship hit them rocks long before. But the final straw seemed to have been from Beyoncé's realizing that Mathew had been stealing money that she popped her own pussy for. I don't know why it took her so long to figure that shit out. The day I saw that home video footage of Mathew making Beyoncé hustle in that basement living room, I knew a n***a was out to have his daughter make that money and then embezzle the hell out of it. He didn't so much manage Beyoncé as he did pimp her to the game.

Beyoncé's a thief calling the cat burgler a stealing mutha f**ker though. Because it's common knowledge that Beyoncé scams the hell out of her songwriting credits. Somebody needs to run an audit on ASCAP and exile a ho back to the kingdom of lost wigs. Your daddy stealing your money is karma for you stealing songwriting credits. Run and tell THAT!

All is not lost for Mathew. He has an illegitimate daughter he can begin to groom and pimp now. With his relationship with Beyoncé dead on the rocks and Solange being dead to Mathew; this leaves his youngest love child. He's probably got those heels, wigs, booty shorts and Mount Kilimanjaro trek booked for the little ho already. That child does not know what time it's about to be.

I'm going to go out on a whim and say that the money Mathew stole from Beyoncé was the music video budget for "Best thing I never had". It would explain a lot.

Mathew Knowles claims Beyoncé fired him over false theft accusations @ Neon limelight


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