MiChi rocks Chanel at MTV Video music aid Japan. I wants new album NAOW!

MiChi at MTV Video music aid Japan | Snapped on the red carpet [image used courtesy of Getty images]
This chick sold like 17 copies of her last album. How the hell is she making enough money to rock David Koma and Chanel!? She looked as fly as hell though.

MiChi should have been performing at the MTV Video music aid show in Japan. But instead she got relegated to introducing Girls' generation. I would throw some serious shade at this had Girls' generation not shut their performance down.

MiChi is LONG overdue a new album. Epic records will not do a damn thing to promote it, and we probably won't know when it's coming out until the week before. Because Epic love to sneak release date on people and leave no time for any hype to generate. But there's no doubt in my mind it will be an album full of correctness. Because bitch has NOT put a foot wrong with the singles. "Wonder woman" came close to a fall off. But the B-side "Strong man" was so damn A-side worthy that it balanced that out.

As much as I love everything MiChi's released over the past year, I honestly wouldn't mind if half of it didn't make the album, just for the sake of having something new. Because a 13 track album with 7 songs we've already heard it just wrong as hell. Sounds about right for a Japanese release though. As long as "All about the girls ~Iijanka party people~" makes that track list, that's all that matters. Pop song of 2010. One of the best pop songs ever. Run and tell yo' friends about that classic.

MiChi in David Koma - MTV Video Music Aid Japan @ Red carpet fashion awards


  1. She was looking right, but how is she affording some shit like that?? Bitch must be putting work into the red light districts of Tokyo. And her debut album didn't sell horribly. It certainly sold more than spin-the-music-all-the-way-to-the-bottom-of-the-charts. I need her and Crystal Kay to release some new material A.S.A.P. Namie did not bring it the way I thought she would with checkmate. All I have to look forward to is Jasmine's new single Only You. I hope it's fire, although it will probably debut just barely into the top 40, and then fall off the charts faster than a Crystal Kay release.


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