Music video: Jennifer Lopez - Papi

Jennifer Lopez earns those pesetas. So there was no reason for her to be rolling in a Fiat in this video, when she should have been up in a Mercedes or a Bentley. But that was about the only thing I found fault with int his video. I couldn't even hate on her acting, because it was the right level of cheesy. Plus, we know this as good as we're going to get from J.Ho when it comes to the acting, because the bitch just can't. Until she goes and drops that "Good hit" video, this is easily the best visual to come off of Love? so far.


  1. I thought this video would be a four minute FIAT commercial, but this shit was actually quite entertaining. The song's worth an illegal download too.

    I should already hate this video because of that damn Fiat commercial that runs on Prime Time Television every commercial break. Now I know what FIAT is so the advertising has done its job.


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