Album arts: Rihanna - Talk that talk

Rihanna - Talk that talk [Standard edition] | Album art Rihanna - Talk that talk [Deluxe edition] | Album art

I guess after Def Jam reigning in a bitch for Loud and placing that embargo on her which prevented anything dark or edgy for Loud, that they're letting her have her away again. Because these album covers stink of Rated R. The original edition (on the left) looks like an out-take from the Rated R inlay shot, which went on to be the "Rude boy" single cover. The album covers also stink of the Bajan pigeon's nasty scalp and the in-between of her legs which probably smell like 4 day old McDonald's french fries and a Strongbow if her "We found love" music video is anything to go by.

Everybody is singing these album covers' praises, but I hate them. Still looking forward to hearing the album though.


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