Music video: Kelly Rowland - Keep it between us

This is the music video Kelly Rowland was off shooting in Paris when her wig should have been  in Hertfordshire mentoring her hopefuls on The X-factor. Although a wig sat in a leather chair could probably do as good if not a better job of mentoring on The X-Factor than Kelly Rowland. I've already forgotten exactly which purpose she served other than ignoring Tulisa. In fact, I think Simon Cowell should sack all of the judges and just have wigs as judges next year.

Here I am is an absolute flop. I have no idea where this woman got money to go and shoot a video in Paris. She must have loaned some euro from Michelle, who has been turning many a trick in Europe on a semi regular basis to keep a steady income. Because she probably saw none of that Destiny's child money. Mathew stopped wiring that shit after her drop on 106 & Park.

I like the song "Keep it between" us. But as a single, this won't cut a thing but the price of her album.


  1. How is she getting like 10 videos from a flop album?! i'm guessing it involves 8 inches... and i don't mean heels lol.

    As for the X Factor Simon needs to get rid of everyone (cept Louis who is sadly now a fixture) and get Will Young, Charlotte Church and Danni Minogue on as judges.

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  3. I'm dying at that wig comment. Is it supposed to be directed at Kelly Rowland? Bahaha tweet the link at that bitch

    1. I know lmao i didn't know if it was serious or a joke lmfao or an ad...


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