Ayu and Mannie still married. Ayu better call dem lawyers.

Ayu met some hot Austrian with a big penis. He hit it as well as the jackpot. She loved it. He couldn't believe his luck. They 'fell in love'. They got married. Then they divorced. Or so we were led to believe...

Despite rumours swarming at the time of the split that Ayu had thrown money at Mannie to keep his mouth shut and his penis in his pants on camera, Mannie tweeted that real talk yesterday. And has alluded (flat out stated) that he and Ayu aren't divorced at all. Oh lawd.

Mannie talks that talk @ Ayu | Ayumi Hamasaki's business

And he @'d a bitch as well. Coooooool' blooooooded.

Let's see how this pans out. This era has not been good for Ayu. In fact, from Love songs onwards, all this robot faced woman has done is fall off and make bad decisions. Her PR team need to sort out their shit. If there was ever a time when Ayu needed to just drop off the face of the earth for a couple of years, it's now. She should move to London and do nothing until 2014.


  1. This is odd because if this was just a matter of waiting for the divorce to become final then why say anything at all? Maybe he's responding to her stans hounding and insulting him. We shall see. I still don't feel he used her, if anything they used each other. I think they fell in lust and thought what they had was substantial enough to sustain a marriage. But you could say that about a lot of marriages i suppose, lol.

  2. Avex better get their reigns on this bitch FAST.

    Maybe slap an album full of Nakata songs on her, let the flop ride out, and call it a day.

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Her reasoning behind divorcing Manuel was a load of crap. She ended their romance because she wanted to remain in her homeland after the disaster struck? What a cop-out.

    She didn't want the REAL tea to spill and now Manuel is about to let the whole kettle crash and its contents splatter all over the globe. I kinda feel sorry for guy.

    This chick needs to take her 150 pairs of Christian Louboutins retire with grace and disappear for a while.

  4. I'm subscribing to his twitter, just to be nosy...and hopefully she would respond. hehehehe

  5. get those yen's manny while you can. hama-suck-i has plenty of them.

  6. WHATTTTTT.... lmao! I may be in the minority but i think they're cute together, If they could sort things out that would be awsome. I agree with J though that Ayu needs to take a year or two out people will be waiting for her return that way, she should move to the US with Mani and that way she gets good wife points in Japan too lol

  7. @Beruda you may be right about them using each other. I'm not sure how you're looking at it, but I think Mani saw money when looking at Ayu. I heard his career was fading before he met her. I think he used her as a stepping stone to try and further his modeling career/ financial support. The only think I can see Ayu using him for was a good dicking, but considering the fact that they're thousands of miles away from each other that didn't really work out. @Roni I don't feel sorry for him. I wonder if he even loved Ayu. I find it hard to believe when culturally they must be so different, and not to mention the Language barrier. (I know Ayu can speak english, but I would hardly call it fluent). I can't imagine them talking about anything substantial. I have to agree with Beruda that I think their relationship was based more on Lust than Love, but w/e. Bitch has plenty of yen to go around, and I can't knock his hustle lmaooo

  8. Pffffft they never even registered their marriage in Japan, so she can claim to be single as much as she likes :p


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