Music video: Calvin Harris featuring Ne-Yo - Let's go

I shouldn't like this "We found love" derivative drivel, but I do. I really, really do. I like "Let's go" because it  feels like the evolution of "Closer" that "Beautiful monster" should have been. A song which showed that despite Ne-Yo being R&B, dance records are where he kinda shines. "Closer" was his "Two can play that game" moment. Everybody hated on a n***a for going dance and selling out for 'teh white people'. But when they actually listened to the song, they heard sense and realized it is in fact is a f**king good song. Things notably went better for Ne-Yo than Bobby Brown though.

The video to this song is just an elongated Pepsi commercial. And if you blink you'll miss both Ne-Yo's lips and Calvin Harris anorexic chicken neck. Even shots of wild crack head delinquents in Japan wasn't enough to have me even remotely like this video.

Album review: Ne-Yo ...declares it Year of the gentleman


  1. I went back and read your review of "Closer," J. You couldn't have been further off the mark in hindsight. That said, I don't believe "Let's Go" is the natural progression to "Closer." Pick from the Ne-Yo/Stargate leaks from late 2010 ("Try Me Out" or, especially, "You Want It [Come Get It]")... it's a shame those weren't released because they could have made a tsunami splash on radio. They should have been on Libra Scale, making the album a solid 12 tracks.


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