Music video: Nelly Furtado - Big hoops (Bigger the better)

This video was boring and so is the song. The lyrics are utter nonsense, and not that catchy kinda nonsense you can pick up on a first play-through. I appreciate Nelly Furtado isn't much of a dancer. But a song with a beat this fly should have warranted a video with some fly choreography. Nelly Furtado should have been poppin' her p***y as those hula hoopin' dawgs spun their shit around her. I was hardly captivated by watching her walk on stilts and act a rude girl in glasses, in front of a graphic backdrop which looks like Akon's face splattered against the backside of Jigglypuff.


  1. Awful.

    And you're right, it needed dancing.

    If you can't sing, you're pretty much obligated to dance, unless you're Britney.

  2. I ain't ever seen nothing like that.

  3. The video was boring and looked like it was shot on a 2 dollar budget. I got a headache after watching this bull shit. I like the song despite the lyrics being some bull. I wasn't keen on it on the first few listens, but it grew on me. The beat goes hard, but Nelly's vocals on the first verse grate on me. She sounds so nasally.

  4. Nelly Furtado said there are 3 different videos for this song. Hopefully the other 2 are better.

    I miss the folklore Nelly, the one that sang I'm Like A Bird, Turn Off the Lights, Try and Powerless.

    1. Ugh, there is no way there are 3 videos for this boring ass song.

      If its true, worst marketing move ever.

  5. I am a huge fan of Nelly Furtado, but I have to agree with J on this one. I love the beat of the song, but this is the only song that I have ever heard from her that didn't make complete sense to me. Plus this video was definitely lacking in the entertainment department. I understand that she was very excited about using the hoop dancers, but this video definitely could have used a separate set of choreography from some actual dancers.

    I did enjoy all of Nelly's different looks in this video, but all of those rapid scene changes made me nearly want to seize out as oppose to get my big hoops on and go dance. I am still hopeful that her upcoming album will be another hit. Folklore Nelly is not dead and I can tell that she is trying to channel her old self by incorporating more ethnic elements into her videos. I just hope she finds a way to do it in a more engaging way next time.


  7. Definitely a grower!


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