Music video: Nicki Minaj featuring Chris Brown - Right by my side

I don't get why Nicki and Chris were singing this song to one another whilst Stupid hoe was all over Kelis' source of income. Nas must be hustling, or beez in a trap making jars of honey for Costco, because I know that n***a doesn't have accounts with dolla in it to be buying Nicki a drop top and Hello Kitty Louboutin heels. Not since Kelis hit him up for those child support payments - which she uses to buy fur coats and Paypal money to producers on myspace to make beats for her flop studio albums. What Nas should have been buying Nicki was a good wig. A good solid ass wig made from some housewife's hair in Sicily or some scalped chicks in India. Not this lambswool looking mess she was wearing throughout the whole video. Black girls need to start taking note: If you can't get yourself a lacefront with a decent looking hairline, then put bangs on that shit. Nicki? Brandy? Put that into your iPhones and have homegirl Siri remind you of that daily. Because you chicks ain't realizing.

I can't front. I do like this song. And the video was kinda...cute. If the Gremlins were to have their own episode of MTV Cribs, it would look exactly like this. But with better hair.


  1. 1. you did not just shade Kelis's FLAWSLESS albums... (she's working on a new one coincidently).

    2. This song is boring as fuck, it's a generic urban throw away song that could have been done by anyone.

    3. I'll admit that whoever tazered Onika and dressed her in clothes for an adult human did a good job, this is the best she's looked in a long time. The wig is a mess though, Any wig Nicki has that doesn't come with a fringe is a mess though.

    4. J you HAVE to post on Lil Kim's breakfast club interview.

  2. I hate the breakfast club all they do is gang up on women remember they made lil mama cried anyways it's about time she did a cute girly video she looks really cute too i love them red bottoms i love the song i wanna know what kind of lace front that is she's wearing I know it's Remy though

  3. cute cute CUTE! look at nicki trying to give em some beyonce emotion @2:11 -- that "I,I,I" section had me dying...i almost choked on my coke!

    i will admit, it takes a hard misstep for me not to be about some nicki. all these singles (with the exception of the david guetta mess) i'm all about. wigs and all.

  4. Why does whoever owns Nicki keep insisting on having her sing?

    Everybody and their grandmother KNOWS she can't sing worth a shit, but they keep pushing "singing" Nicki.

  5. I love this song and the clothes in it where nice. But as someone with my doctoial degree I will have to say that when people do well in life the only people who have something negative to say are those who have nothing or those who lie about what they have. Learn to look for the positive or the next time you think to say something negative look at your bank account and how messed up your life is, I bet if you could switch places with her you would in a heartbeat. It's called entertainment and evidently you know nothing about it.


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