Music video: Wonder girls - Like this

These bow legged bitches and their coloured wigs. YG entertainment needs to do suttin'. Because Wonder girls just out swagged 2NE1 with this shit. They managed to look like hood tricks, with innocent sensibilities. And Lim was gettin' it. My mind is blown. CL needs to suck a piece for a comeback and sales in Japan like yesterday.

"Like this" is way more hood than I thought these girls would / could ever come with, but I dig this. When that bassline dropped I was snappin' fangaz and chicken noodle soupin' on invisible living room n***as.

Props to JYP for giving the girls a video which goes against the norm of the type of video these songs usually get. I was expecting the atypical shiny floors, neon lights and fast cut videos that K-Pop has run into the absolute ground. So it was nice to see something a little real and a little raw.

Whatever money JYP doesn't have at the moment, I'm sure he's making from whatever deal he cut with Ralph Lauren. That shop sign was in more shots than the Wonder girls. And Adidas. We see you. We always f**king see you *eye roll at the 100th pair of Jeremy Scott kicks to appear in a K-Pop music video*


  1. Loving this song; its the first song I have liked by the Wonder Girls honestly.

    It has that Beyoncé "Get Me Bodied" get up and dance swag.

    Real pleasant surprise.

  2. This slays. They ripped off Bey and made a song that's better than anything bey ever released

  3. LOVE IT. And the practice video is damn good too! I love how energetic and fun and sassy this is; totally brings out the best in Lim who owns the practice video along with Sohee. I hope JYP gives them better stages though because he let shit run a TIGHT budget for BMB.

  4. That video and song was actually a nice serving of hot liquid magma that burned 2NE1 into a pile of ash and weave extensions. I am very surprised to hear something like this from the Wonder Girls. They were never really on my radar, but I think I just picked them up with this.


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