Nelly Furtado performs "The spirit indestructible". F**ks all your lives...WITH BEATS!

Nelly Furtado performs "The spirit indestructible" | Live performance

"Big hoops (Bigger the better)" had a hot beat on it. But the song was nonsense. Radio was never going to fall over themselves to spin it. And whilst DJ's would wank over the bassline in the clubs, the song was never going to be a mainstream hit. It was too hood and sounded too much like something The Forehead would do for anybody to take real notice of the song, despite Nelly having been on the whole island style swag long before Rihanna had her mouth on a dick for a record deal.

With "Big hoops (The harder the flop)" now written off, Nelly is all about her follow up single, which will be the album title track "The spirit indestructible". Nelly performed the song live at Issy les Moulineaux in Paris and...well, I'll let you listen for yourself. Just in the video gets yanked, your PC's are rubbish or you're browsing this from a shitty phone with no Wi-Fi - I'll say this now. This song is the bees knees.

The song sounds like a beast! It's like "Say it right" on crack. This song is everything "Big hoops" wasn't and should have been. It has the distinctive flavour of Darkchild (which I've been sorely missing from everything Rodney Jerkins has produced over the past 5 years) and the Nelly Furtado we loved on Folklore comes through in spades. The song is catchy. It's hot. The beat goes hard. The only thing wrong with the song is that it's not on my iPod.

Nelly's vocals sounded pretty strong and the production was so rich, that I hope it's not watered down and glossed over for the single / album versions of the song.

The crowd should feel ashamed. How can you be at a gig with a song this hard blaring through speakers, Nelly jumping around the stage in heels and a Native American dude getting crunk with hula hoops and not get buck wild!? For f**ks sake.

Nelly Furtado performs second single "The spirit indestructible" in Paris @ Toya's world


  1. Her live vocals are everything but strong. Just awful.

    The song is pretty good, but nothing to jump up and down about; I'm going with the crowd on this one.

    1. She sounded strong on some of those ad-libs towards the end. I'm not talking Beyonce strong. But given how thin and whiny her voice usually is, she came with it on certain sections.

      And if you're not gonna get amped to a jam which has such a beat on it at a live performance, then quite frankly you should keep your arse sat at home. I don't get why you'd pay to go to a gig just to stand still. You may as well have NOT gone. Even if I'm not feeling a song I hear at a gig, I still wave my hands and bubble to it.

    2. The Fran Drescher singing still has me cringing.

      Honestly though, it is a French audience. It's pretty hard to amp them up. When Lady Gaga first performed there (I'm talking Just Dance era) they were literally just standing there clapping.

    3. I have to go with j on this one. Nelly's live game has improved a lot, compared to her loose era where she was talk singing like dev. now I can consider her a vocalist, by no means the best, but decent enough to carry a live performance. All of her performances of big flops have shittef on the studio recordings. I like the song too. It sems like a nice fusion of sounds from her different eras.

  2. I live in France I CAN tell you that David is right on this one: french people dont cheer like Japoneese or americans.... they just stand still and watc... ( i never understood these people) #SMH

  3. The japanese don't cheer either. It's done out of respect for the performer. If you've seen utada's 2006 tour, you know what im talking about. The crowd was dead silent.

  4. That is a TUNE and yes Nelly killed it by her standards :D she's improving and she's looking hot as f**k too :D
    Radio better spin the s**t outta this.

  5. Tell me why I'm like vogue-ing the hell out of my head when she started chanting dem vowels. Just "A-E-I-O-U A-E-I-O-U A-E-I-O-U" and I'm whipping my invisible ponytail and getting an imaginary whiplash... LOL


    I think this is the BEST release from Nelly (Furtado, not the other one) in years. Its already on my list for the top songs of 2012.

  7. I really like this song. She sounds good too.


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