Namiserable's 20th anniversary gig in Okinawa CANCELLED!

Namie's 20th anniversary gig in Okinawa has been cancelled due to a typhoon. Ayumi Hamasaki must have prayed real hard, thrown 10,000 yen notes into temple boxes and rung dem bells like fire alarms for this shit to happen. At time of writing there is no word as to whether these dates will be postponed or if it is outright cancelled.

It's a shame given than Okinawa is Namiserable's hometown. But when mother nature wants to shut that shit down, she shuts it DOWN! And there ain't a damn thing the Queen of Okinawa can do about it. Let's all sit and take at look the stage that Queen Namiserable will not be dancing on.

Namie's 20th anniversary stage in Okinawa | Photo

Ayu's prayers are answered
Ayu's prayers are answered

'20th Anniversary Live in Okinawa" cancelled! @ Namie news network


  1. It won't be rescheduled because the whole point of the concert was for Namie to perform on the exact day of her debut. I can't believe they had to cancel it, this shit was hyped for months. Poor Namie, she's going to look extra miserable for the rest of her career because of this. Oh well, at least fans have the upcoming dome tour to look forward too. Ayu is going to be extra pressed in the coming months, because Namie's dome tour is going to make her look like even more of a flop. She broke records and shattered your favs career by selling out seven domes (The most by any solo female artist).

  2. On her official facebook it has been announced that it will not be rescheduled.

    So sad, I was really looking forward to it.

    This is karma for selling t-shirts for those outrages prices.


  3. Everytime you take a breath, Namie is on tour on some stage somewhere performing something and releasing Tour DVDs.

    I don't really care.

    Let it blow.

  4. Isn't Ayu worth like $400m? I'm sure she can dry her tears using the bank notes she uses as loo roll lol

    1. No No No, Ayu Grossed 400 million throughout the course of her career, she didn't see all of that money; it was split between her and her staff, she probably didn't even see half of it. Things work a lot differently in Japan. Ayu and Utada both had a base salary of roughly 8 million USD in their prime, so there's no way Ayu has a net worth of 400 million, even with endorsements and concerts.

    2. Considering both Utada and Ayu both donated close to $1 million USD (Ayu $500,000 and Utada $1 million) during the earthquake like it was nothing, I wouldn't be surprised if they were worth close to their full net worth.

      I mean, Ayumi sold 50 million albums right? At $30 a pop (standard Japanese pricing) that's 1.5 billion dollars -faint-

      Now say Avex takes 75% and pays her staff (which are salaries) and then Ayu gets 25%, which is super impossibly generous, but considering she was/is Avex's biggest income and has such high standing and power in the company that it's plausible; that leaves Ayumi with 375 million.

    3. Sorry, some alterations.

      Lets say Avex takes a little more to account for production price and advertising as well. Lets say they take 85-90% and leave Ayumi with 10-15%; a much more believable figure.

      That leaves Ayumi with 110-225 million and the rest made from tours, where the REAL money is at.

    4. @Mel R, I saw this somewhere on a western list or richest female musicians or something and Ayu was on there with $400,000,000 and they had Mariah etc correct worth so I'd say that's how much she's worth not how much she grossed.
      You have to take into account record sales (she's sold 75m in the whole of Asia (inc Japan), Tours which she's constantly doing and selling out, Endorsements etc etc I'd say it was pretty accurate.

    5. Like I said before, artists in Japan are salaried workers. Her base salary was 8 million USD that is what she was paid in a year in terms of the Music. While 400 million may be her net worth, that doesn't mean she has that amount of money. Touring and Endorsements is where she makes the real yen, not the album sales. Japan isn't like the west where artists make a profit for every album sold. The record companies are the ones that make all the money. Namie's a huge star in japan, but she only makes 1 million USD as a base salary, and even in her prime she was making close to 900,000 USD.

    6. That's not completely true. A lot of artists get a percentage cut of album sales; Ami Suzuki got a cut, even before the lawsuit.

      It's a salary and a % cut sometimes.

      Not to mention people like Ayumi and Boa who own stock in their respective companies have much more holding and probably get a much higher percentage.

      It depends on the contract they sign, and it's completely possible she's worth 400 million, even with a very small percentage, which is almost guaranteed she gets.

      That salary thing you're thinking of usually applies to labels like Avex and Sony, to their smaller artists and their disposable artists like AKB48.

    7. @Mel R, I never said she earned $400m from music sales, Obviously the majority of that came from touring and endorsements but it's not true that all Japanese singers are salaried, It's prevalent but not always the case. Maybe at one stage Ayu was but I read somewhere that she signs 2 album deals and then re negotiates after every contract expires and since Max Matsuura is basically her bitch I'm sure she gets good terms.

    8. Girl should maybe stop the 2 album deals because another Party Queen and Avex won't be so nice on her next contract.

      Also, Ayumi gets 50% songwriter commission of every song sold because doesn't she write all her own lyrics? Not to mention in her prime some of her albums are almost fully composed by her as well (Crea.)

  5. Seems mother nature is the real HBIC


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