Music video: Dawn Richard axe kicks a n***a and pops her p***y against a tree in "'86"

It took me a while (and by 'a while', I mean scrolling through YouTube comments) to truly get what this video was about. But even on a first play-through I liked this video. Dawn had me when she started popping her p***y against the tree. Nicely shot and sporting a level of quality and gloss you rarely get with an independent artist. Although it was clear back with "Bombs" and "Automatic" that Dawn was never going to give her fans dead, typically cheap looking music videos.

I'd love to know what Prince thinks of this song. That n***a always talks out the side of his mouth whenever anybody drops anything which infringes on his 80's swag. I know he must have spat in some faces and frizzied up his day time weave when The-Dream began to pretty much rip off all of his material circa Purple rain.

Dawn's music since parting ways from P. Diddy has stayed amazingly consistent, as have her visuals. Both of which have retained a steady level of quality and an unwavering vision which few artists in the mainstream have managed to show or uphold. Incredibly refreshing to see.


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