Single arts + music video preview: Dance earth party: Inochi no rhythm

Dance earth party: Inochi no rhythm [Regular edition] |

USA, the one member of EXILE who I thought was deaf and couldn't talk has been continually working on a project titled Dance earth. His inspiration has led to him travelling the world, seeking the origins of dance and releasing a couple of photo books dedicated to the physical art we all know and love besides sex. All of this has led to the culmination of him managing to put together a stage production focused on his own unique story of dance, preceded by a single comprised of Dance earth party - a temporary unit consisting of 2 fellow members of EXILE and Crystal Kay. This chick ain't stopping her grind for shit.

EXILE sell like some muthaf**kers. But this shit features a mixed race member of EXILE who looks black, Crystal Kay who is mixed race and looks black and a music video which features black children in Africa. Japan will have no f**ks to give this, let alone yen.

This video looks like a charity advert had sex with "Jai ho" and then cheated on Crystal Kay's "Forever". I love that despite her being out numbered by EXILE members, and this song being written by a member of the group, that this song still manages to sound like an extension of the sound Crystal worked wonders with on Vivid. Crystal's album sales are so low that there isn't a material cheap enough to certify them. But her musical consistency stays gold.


  1. Hope this shit does well, because even a part of it's sales could mean more $$$ than CK has seen in years.

  2. All I gotta say is thank gawwwwd for Korea right now.

    1. What about Korea? I don't listen to K-pop so I'm not sure what you're implying. The horror of SNSD, the vile that is Big Bang and the monstrosity that is Super Junior left bad impressions for K-pop to me.

      2NE1 is the only exception. And maybe BoA.

    2. LOL bye... Korea is the land of the plastic and generic... The only mainstream artists I can think of from their that I give two fucks about are the Queen BoA and 2NE1 (and they have their shit moments)... The rest are all a load of stick thin basic bitches dancing to the beat of the same old drum on the same old video set doing the same old moves but hey... whatever floats your boat...

    3. @Dominic

      That's a lot of input from someone who considers themselves a non-factor in the K-Pop world. If you like it, own it. Can't stand an undercover Stan. Love yo' self.

      @Luke Tell me more about ayumi. Is her divorce finalized yet? I hear she has a new boo and he looks like a troll.

  3. Can't believe that at the lowest point of her career sales wise CK is probably at her happiest as an artist, bitch is running her show and I love the results!
    This may (and probably will) flop but CK is out there making music / videos and collaborating more than ever which as a fan is great to see.

    I really wish there was some way for her to regain her popularity... Maybe she needs to hit them shows on TV up (by some miracle) because her personality always shines.

  4. wow that was really nice!!


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