Perfume gives London its life during their World tour 2nd stop at Sheperd's Bush

Perfume embarked on a world tour which made a stop at my home town of London and I was fortunate enough to attend. I'mma just get this out of the way here and now. The gig was fucking amazing. I've been slow to appreciate what these girls do, but that all came to a head during this concert. Perfume put on a show. Wonderfully intricate and simple. Big, but intimate.

The range of people at the venue was as varied as fuck. There was no particular type at this concert. There were youngsters there from the age of 12, to crusty old men in their 50's. There were white girls with blonde pig tails, middle aged Japanese women, tall black guys (What it do, yo!!). Perfume's demographic is wider than the chasm between current Ayu and her former self who was able to sell a record. The wonderful thing about this is that it validated how diverse Perfume's fanbase really is. And seeing all of these people gave a nice sense of affirmation (not that I needed it, as I don't give a shit) that it's okay to like Perfume. No matter who you are. Once you are inside the venue, the lights go down and the music starts pumping, every body is one and the same.

When I got into the venue and saw the stage, I was throwing shade all over Twitter and Instagram about how cheap, basic and run down the stage looked. But then it happened. The lights went down and even in the pitchest of blacks you could all make out A-chan, Kashiyuka and Nocci taking their positions on the stage. They stood. Motionless. Silent for an entire minute and then it began. These bitches gave the flyiest looking gig intro I've seen in my life. You all remember that spectacular spectacle from their showcase in Cannes which surfaced on YouTube a month ago, right? They did that whole damn thing and gave Sheperd's Bush its entire life.

The intro was nothing short of spectacular. Lighting and projection are always the focuses of Perfume's performances. But even in lieu of what they've pulled off at the Tokyo dome, what they put on in this small little shit hole of a venue in West London was breathtaking. I watch videos back of it now and I'm in awe of how brilliant it all looks technically and wonder how the fuck it was all done. It's like watching some form of illusion. And just when Perfume have have grabbed you by the hair with their epic filled intro, they mass scalp the crowd with a remix of "Spending all my time". Perfume forums are already calling for this remix to appear on their Level 3 album and I'd have to co-sign. When I heard it on YouTube I wasn't too on board with it. But upon hearing it live, I'm now in love. House loving gays and those trashy clubs drunk white people go to for Summer holidays in Europe will be all about this remix. Then just when you think the girls might stop for breath to address the crowd, they go straight into the album mix of "Laser beam", complete with green laser beams which I'm almost certain blinded the home girl on crutches at the far back - stage right. Perfume dropped new choreography to this mix of the song which saw the girls step and flick their fake telephones like Kashiyuka's hair depended on it. The girls opened with a killer string of songs and did not let up until the encore.

For the encore the crowd has three choices: "Nee", "Glitter" and "Love the world" - with Perfume performing the song to which the crowd cheered the loudest for. It was a tough call between "Glitter" and "Love the world" and I was pretty sure "Love the world" had won out. But much to my delight the girls performed "Glitter" - the most fitting of songs for them to close a set with. London. I love you for loving this song as much as I do. And once again, it was a nice sense of affirmation for me that I wasn't the only "Glitter" loving Perfume fan in the village. The performance was fucking magical. The front row was getting crunk, people in the back swaying in unison, everybody was mesmerized. The only thing missing was the shower of sparks during the final run of the chorus to match the video. But Perfume's tech team ain't trying to burn down the Sheperd's bush empire. Although that place could do with an insurance claim to make way for some much needed renovation.

Perfume's set list was generous on hits and also showed love to their B-sides. "Polyrhtyhm" B-side "Seventh heaven" turned the entire venue in a crub. I hadn't heard this song before and Shazam'ing and tweeting like a mo'fucka for somebody to identify the song. Turns out Perfume-city forums dwellers were Twitter watching during the event and managed to identify it for me. Why Tokuma communications left this song off of Game, I do not know. The song is a BANGER. As on point as their performance of "Magic of love" was, they threw that under a Central line train with "Daijo banai". The dance routine to this song gives you everything you didn't get from the videos to "Spring of life", "Spending all my time" and "Magic of love". The damn song should have been an A-side. "Handy man" was played during the intermission, but alas...there was no performance of it. A real shame, as I think a performance of it would have been a nice surprise and gone down a treat, as by this point the girls already had everybody in the palm of their hands. The venue was packed with fans who knew all of Perfume's material, so "Handy man" would not have been a stranger to anybody. The girls also performed "My colour", which was a welcomed entry to the setlist, as it was my favourite album track off of JPN. It was the only moment during the entire gig where the girls didn't dance their arses off. But of course Kashiyuka still arched that back, A-chan still got on dem knees and Nocchi worked dem legs how she always does.

Let's get one thing straight. A-chan and Nocchi know a fair amount of English. A-chan was off stage for much of Perfume's first segment of banter with the audience. She'll tell you it was due to a wardrobe malfunction. I'll tell you it was so that Nocchi had to put herself on the front line with the Engrish to make it easier for A-chan later on. But Nocchi rose to the occasion. The bitch knows a nice amount of English. And she sounded so cute speaking in it, that I was ready to drag her to a late night Nigerian registry office and make her my wife. A-chan is every bit as crazy and energetic as she is in interviews. She was absolutely obsessed with fish and chips (an iconic and historic Britishish meal) and used any opportunity to just say the word, commandeering the crowd to chant it with her. She also surprisingly broke into Queen's "We will rock you" - tearing through that first verse live and in English. The crowd went ballistic as it was so unexpected and unlike what you'd expect Perfume to do. A-chan is that chick. I'd get with Nocchi for the sex. But I'd wifey A-chan. She's so fun and playful and didn't seem phased or shy about speaking in English despite her limited grasp of it. In fact, she seemed to enjoy speaking in it, because she got instant reactions from us every time she did due to us understanding her. Kashiyuka didn't really do much tho' *tumbleweed bounces down the escalator of Sheperd's bush station*

What really hit me about Perfume, is that despite coming off as giggly little girls who are so in awe of everything new and so wide eyed at being in London, the second the lights went down and the music stared, they transformed. A-chan could stand and be shouting "Fisss ando chipssu!" one moment and then in a heartbeat she's switched on and Samurai slaying the absolute ribbons out of a routine. It's crazy to see and I guess part of the charm of Perfume. That they seem like regular girls who are able to pull off something rather extraordinary.

All of the videos I took at the gig are shit and it was just my fucking luck that my phone battery died mid way through. I'm not going to bother uploading my videos to YouTube as there are so many better quality videos which have been uploaded by those who had gone to this. For now, I'll give you some Japanese news coverage of the gig which shows that good shit shot by proper cameras and not some shaky ass Samsung Galaxy.

Perfume's London gig was an absolute blast. I hope as a result of the success of their 2nd world tour, that Perfume's team will extend their European leg and also add US dates - doing bigger venues and also working in some press. If Perfume announce future dates and that they are coming to snatch wigs in your country, do not think. Just go. You will not be disappointed. Even if you aren't a fan of Perfume, just take the plunge and go for the sheer experience of attending a J-Pop concert. Perfume's live showmanship is something to behold. Haters can shit on them not singing live all they want, but your fave ain't getting on those knees like A-chan, Vouging out a routine to a Euro house banger like Nocchi and kicking the pussy out in heels and a mini skirt like Kashiyuka. And your fave's creative director ain't coming with anything as fly as that "Spending all my time" set.

Shout outs to the super fan who was in the first tier stalls dancing the choreography to PERFECTION to every single song Perfume performed.

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  1. Wow, your description sounds amazing. I would love to see these girls perform live, cuz every fan account that I've seen had very positive things to say about the show. You lucky bastards....

  2. As much as I love Perfume, the idea of watching them "live" doesn't excite me Much.

  3. Only J and David get wet for these bitches performing "live". Stans. But i guess you can be satisfied with them, because at the end of they day, they're not artists or musicians, they are just performers... whom happens to sell music even thought her music is full of vocoder LOL.

  4. Dance & choreography are definitely art. By that measure, these three artists are at the absolute top of their game.

  5. "Tall black guys" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



  6. You're a fucking mess. Vocoder music is still music you idiot. You can't box music or art or put limits on it. Imagine if we lived in your bland fucking black & white world. My god, I would kill myself.

  7. *Twerks to glitter and splashes your leg with pussy juice*

  8. Learn how to read. I wrote: THEY'RE MUSIC IS FULL OF VOCODER. Not that the music they do is not real music. I would kill myself if i was as premature to not read the comment just to jump in where no one's calling you. Stan.

  9. If you were a hot chick i wouldn't mind that... but that male pussy must be rotten. LOL.

  10. And who gives a monkey loving arse if they don't write their own material, they just perform it as they're told? Their music is decent and so are their performances. God I can't stand people like you -_-

  11. I was just recently roped into this Perfume craze as I re-entered the abyss known as J-Pop, and I must say that I am loving ever second of it. That Spending All My Time performance utterly destroyed my face and scalped me bald, so I would love to see these chicks live. Plus, can you imagine how crunk that venue would be when Spending All My Time came on? If I got trampled in the that, I would die a happy man :3

  12. We can't stand you either.

  13. Make that three because the idea of watching perfume live has me soaked. I definitely do not Stan perfume, but I would sooner pay to see then live than someone like namie who dances half ass and hits flats notes for two hours (and I love that miserable bitch). I like perfume for what they are: performers. They're not artists, they're not trying to be, and they have even recognized this and talked about it. They may not sing live, but the spectacle they put on more than makes up for that. Plus, ain't nobody trying to hear then sing anyway. All we want is their style to be on point, and for then to work some hot choreo and dresses and heels.

  14. Bringing Namie into this topic (like you always do) is pointless.

    I rather pay to watch the circus, which is still a show with dancers and performers, music and even animals, magic tricks, stunts and shit. Hologram and lighting? Vocaloid (whom happen to be holograms) is the way to go.

    But anyways, everyone has a different reason to go to a concert, many us do it because we like the MUSIC and want to see the artist-perform PERFORM those songs LIVE, singing, dancing, playing instruments or whatever, but we care about the songs itselfs, while others like to have fun and dance around and others just go to wet their pants while looking a hot bitches.

  15. "because at the end of they day, they're not artists or musicians, they are just performers".

    Exactly. They are PERFORMERS. I went to this gig to see them PERFORM; not sing live and play an instrument, and these girls delivered on this ten-fold as they always do.

    It's no secret that Perfume are not musicians and that they are a vessel for Yasutaka's musical output. Just as it's no secret that these girls don't sing live.

    I don't see what point you're trying to make here.

  16. You didn't just say that you didn't want to see them live, you practically dragged people through the mud for disagreeing with you.

  17. "But anyways, everyone has a different reason to go to a concert, many us do it because we like the MUSIC and want to see the artist-performer PERFORM those songs LIVE."

    You basically refuted your own argument here. Everyone has a reason to go see an artist/ performer perform, they have something that they expect, and the performer is expected to deliver on these expectations. It's no secret that perfume do not sing live, so this isn't what is expected of them. Fans don't care about this, or rather let it slide because there are other aspects of their performance that they look forward to. They may not be vocally talented, but their image and sound is air tight, and I challenge you to find a girl group that is as connected and in sync as these girls are in a live setting.

    Also, You're such a hypocrite, take your own advice because you're always the first one to throw bias shade around. "Only J and David get wet for these bitches performing "live". Stans." Really? So quick to label someone as a stan when their opinion differs from yours. The only stan here is you, because when it comes to your favs, you're as deluded as they come.

  18. This whole article is writen in a fanboy perspective, this is praising them for something somebody else could do, but since they are not "faves" from the writer, there would be some issues and shade to throw. Go watch Jay Chou's 4D concert, it shits all over these girls.

    Girlgroup in sing?

    Take a seat and cry:

  19. That you're praising them for this performance more than they deserve, because you're a big fan of them.

  20. starlightshimmers30 July 2013 at 19:55




  21. This article is written from the perspective of somebody who attended a concert and had a great time. Don't tell me what my article is. I wrote the damn thing. You are just sensationalizing on aspects of what I wrote for the sake of trolling.

    Yes, there are groups who can dance better than Perfume and sing better than Perfume. But this isn't an VH1 style countdown on 'Who is the best group in the world'. It's an article about how much I enjoyed A PERFUME CONCERT. Not a Kalafina concert. Or a Destiny's child concert. A PERFUME CONCERT.

    Nobody here has stated that Perfume are the absolute best at everything. What I am clearly stating is that these girls are fucking good at what they do and that I had a good time witnessing is all in person. More-so that I got to witness it all in London.

    If you don't like Perfume, then that's fine. But stop coming up in these comments and making it out like nobody should be allowed to like these girls. Each to their own.

  22. I'ma take a seat at one of those Perfume concerts and cry tears of Joy.

  23. Nothing personal, but I sold your stuff on craigslist for some extra scratch.

  24. starlightshimmers2 August 2013 at 07:32



  25. Random Jpop, fucking THANK YOU. For a long time now I thought there was something wrong with me for being a grown man and liking Perfume. Nobody else got that these girls' cuteness was just the candy coated shell hiding that "chocolate disco" inside of hot beatz, fantastic imagery/choreography, and lyrics screamin how much they craved the D. Also your reviews are spot on and your commentary is funny as fuck. Keep it up.

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