Perfume tease LEVEL3 and "1mm" music video. Kashiyuka forehead watch is official

Perfume tease LEVEL3 and "1mm" music video. Kashiyuka forehead watch is official | Random J Pop

Robohoes aka Perfume have shot the "1mm" video on the same set on which they shot their LEVEL3 album cover. Showing us yet again that Perfume's creative team don't play with that visual consistency.

Since revealing Kashiyuka bangless for the LEVEL3 album cover, Kashiyuka forehead watch has hit fever pitch. Though most of this teaser shows the girls in their colour Level 3 dresses (which they wear on the limited edition album cover and in the promo pics), we also get teaser shots of the girls as styled on the regular edition of the album i.e DAT ONE WITH KASHIYUKA SHOWING FOREHEAD. We get a close up of A-chan and Nocchi, but only get to see Kashiyuka out of focus. Universal Japan are using Kashiyuka's forehead as a promotional tool. I never thought I'd see the day.

This wasn't just a teaser for the "1mm" video, but for the album, which means this video may have featured behind the scenes footage of the album cover shooting as well as the "1mm" music video. Meaning we may not get to see Kashiyuka working the "1mm" routine with her forehead exposed. Failing this, there's always Nocchi and a-chan serving face.

And if any of you can't wait until the LEVEL3 album art is available in super high resolution or the "1mm" video drops in full to put everything to rest and you are desperate to see Kashiyuka in motion without bangs, then this is for you.

Kashiyuka's fo'head | Random J Pop


  1. I didn't see any shots of them in that video in their Regular Edition Album attire.

    I hope Namie is okay.

  2. The shots are easy to miss, because they're semi obscure and so close up, but here they are.

    You can tell they're in the regular edition album attire from the hair, the earrings and the collar of A-chan's dress.

    You can just about make out Kashiyuka to Nocchi's left in the second shot.

  3. Yup you were right. I caught both of those later upon repeat viewings.

    I may not like the song, but I love the instrumental when that weird thing comes in.


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