A-chan talks that real talk about Perfume and idol groups

A-chan talks that real talk about Perfume and idol groups | Random J Pop

With idol groups being the most popular and at the forefront of J and K-Pop, every girl group tends to get lumped into the idol category by us in the West - at the non-realization that there is a difference between idol groups and non idol groups. Being categorized or regarded wrongly is something which acts in Japan and Korea often resent. Even the likes of A-chan of Perfume has spoken up on the comparisons and categorization and where she see's Perfume's placement within the world of J-Pop.
"Foreigners tend to categorize Japanese idol groups (like AKB48) and us as belonging to the same ‘female’ group of acts, but in Japan we are in a completely different genre. We've been singing techno and dancing as Perfume for over ten years now, spending most of our younger days devoted to it, but now we are finally being introduced in more mature magazines. We have no intention of comparing ourselves to other groups. We (only) think about how me can make things interesting."
- via Prfm.Tumblr

This is pretty much her saying "We don't care about those other groups. We don't give a shit what they do. We are in our own lane. Perfume is incomparable. Deal with it". REPRESENT. A-chan is speaking the truth.
When have, could or would AKB ever do what Perfume do on their tours!? Those little hoes can't sing, can't dance and have zero talent. They would never get a penny from me unless it were for a Kickstarter to end the group.


  1. DAYUM!!! A-chan grabbed every one of those AKBitches' wigs and snatched them. HARD!! Seriously though, who the hell thinks Perfume is an idol group? I can't see them as idols at *all* XD Niggas must be trying to throw some undercover shade >_>

  2. I've never thought of them as an idol group, as long as she's concerned! AKB48 is not a girl group, it's a girl cult, and to compare Perfume to them is blasphemy in my book! A~Chan is so right, and I'm glad she's speaking about that! Maybe the other Westerners will get it right this time!

  3. They ARE idol .

    No shade here.

    They lip sync. They can't sing. And they aren't involved in the artistic aspects at all.

    A-Chan, sit yo' raggedy arse down. Yo' life lies in Nakata's hands. Na-chos.

  4. Same category as AKB?! Yeah, she should be pissed. She's been bustin' her ass with Nocchi and Yuka to make it since middle school! Their hard work and talent is pretty frickin' evident standalone but it's downright inconceiveable when compared to the likes of 48 out of sync amateurs (out of which half actually put out to move up in the group).

  5. starlightshimmers14 January 2014 at 13:05

    I think you're getting the definition of idol wrong. Lip syncing and zero artistic input is the standard for pop music in general.

    An idol is someone involved with entertainment, not performance. Idols are involved in a lot of variety shows and the music aspect becomes secondary. People love idols not for the music but for the entertainment. Arashi and AKB48 do dozens of variety shows.

    An artist is involved with the performance and creative aspect, their career relies on their musical (or theatre for actors) output. Artists are usually divided in two two, the performer and the musician. Performers focus on singing and dancing at the same time, the stage presence. Musicians are usually singer-songwriters and focus on the music aspect (let the music speak for itself).

    They don't make this distinction often in English music but in Japanese and French music they make this distinction clearly (and probably in other languages too). They even have terms for artists who specialise in the lyrics while the music becomes secondary... Kana Nishino is the best example right now in J-pop, her songs are heavily lyrics based.

  6. A-chan did the shit AKB48 do now when they were in their diapers. Except they did it dancing to Lil' Kim and synchronized choreography. So who is going backwards here? AKB48 couldn't progress, they will just keep getting younger and replace members the moment anyone blinks.

  7. Dafuq? Who in their right mind would lump Perfume with the likes of AKB48, ARASHI, etc.? Perfume are entertainers with great music, not idols. They take their craft seriously unlike their idol peers. Current generation Idols and their management swindle and suck every last dollar out of their naive fans for as long as they possibly can to get numbers and break records. They are a disgrace to artists and musicians everywhere.

    You can tell A-chan was being polite as she possibly could while addressing the issue. Many other Japanese artists have spoken about the "idol culture" in Japan, and they weren't as restrained as she was.

  8. At the end of the day both Perfume have no creative control or inpit and simply sing and dance to songs performed by their maestro. For Perfume it's Yasutaka Nakata (taking direction from Universal), and for AKB48 it's Yasushi Akimoto. I love Perfume 10000x more than AKB48 but there's no reason for everybody to shit on AKB48 just because Perfume's the hipper act. The AKB48 business model is amazing. Yasushi Akimoto is a genius and so next level. AKB48 is like the reality TV singing competitions of the future. One day in the future there will be countless pop acts around the world doing what AKB48 is doing now in terms of marketing and promotion and fan service.


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