Remix: Kylie Minogue - Get outta my way (Nakata Yasutaka remix)

Remix: Kylie Minogue - Get outta my way (Nakata Yasutaka remix) | Random J Pop

Kylie Minogue and Yasutaka Nakata. A union which makes utter sense. But until Kylie's A&R can make it happen for some original new-new, we will have to make do with remixes.

Nakata received universal acclaim for his remix of "Get outta my way" - which was a stand out track from Kylie's 2010 release Aphrodite. The original to me was so perfect that I wouldn't have even entertained the idea of it being remixed. So trust Yasutaka to come along, remix the damn thing and have me like it over the original. Sentiments which are shared by many, possibly even Kylie's own team, because Nakata has once again been drafted in to remix Kylie's Kiss me once lead single "Into the blue", which will only be available on the Japanese edition of the album. Kiss me once releases in Japan on March 19th, so it's only a matter of mere days until the remix surfaces.

In an official press release for the Japanese release of Kylie's twelfth studio album, Nakata had expressed his excitement (I use the term 'excitement' loosely) at being able to remix for Kylie Minogue again and hinted at hoping it would open doors for him to do more than just remix for 'global' artists. Kylie needs to make a note of this. Yasutaka producing original material for her next album would be a very big deal. I think they'd make a great pair.

Until Nakata's remix of "Into the blue" surfaces, let me remind you of how he did Kylie good the first time around - for a song which oddly featured a video featuring all kinds of visual technology and trickery which wouldn't go amiss at a Perfume concert.

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