Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - XOXO

Ayu shot her new music video on (what looks a little like) a Sony Xperia and didn't even get the hook up with Sony to shamelessly plug the phone in her video and have her shit feature in the commercial for it. My, how the mighty hath fallen. Even US Crunk and R&B flop Ciara managed to get some Sony approved product placement in one of her music videos.

What makes this video so tragic is within the cheap concept and Ayu's cheap hooker look, this video could have been really good. The whole selfie dealio is as tired as Ayu's music, but it is relevant for now and showed Ayu's playful side, which ties in with the song. But it took up far too much of the video and wasn't fun to watch. Ayu also looked awful during most of it. The club scene was fun and Ayu genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself; acting a sexpot and getting touched on by male dancers and her drag homegirl. But the entire club scene was badly shot and there wasn't enough of a routine. Ayu can't dance, but she looked pretty good with what she was working with here. The overall execution of the video was so ragged and poor that it just became a mess and detracted from how good the song is, which despite Ayu's horrid Engrish is a really good song.

Namie would never let some drag queen on a street corner snatch her phone. If they were to ever, it would be the last thing they ever do.

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