Perfume deliver a beast of a performance at SXSW. Texas is left bald.

Perfume deliver a beast of a performance at SXSW. Texas is left bald. | Random J Pop

Perfume's live performances have been cutting edge for years. But over the past two years in particular, Perfume's creative team have continued to up the ante, out do themselves and set a standard that makes even the most established live performers stage set-ups look basic. Yes Madonna. That includes you.

Perfume performing at the SXSW was a big deal. Not just because of the international exposure, but for US fans finally getting a chance to see them live so soon after they took their World tour 3rd to the States for the very first time in November of 2014. I'm not sure what I was expecting from their SXSW performance, but I know I was not expecting Perfume to debut a new song and deliver something of a scale that most artists would leave for a large scale arena tour.

World tour 3rd was a showcase of Perfume bringing elements of their large scale gigs to a smaller audience, in a smaller venue. It was a complete step change from World tour 2nd where the girls performed in tiny venues with the most basic stage money was not required to buy. Their SXSW performance further shows the extent to which not only Perfume's team are going to push the creativity and production values in smaller spaces, but how seriously they are taking Perfume's image on an international scale. Their performance at the SXSW festival in Texas (and their third performance in the US in total) was a show stopper. Even if you are not a fan of their music, you can appreciate the intricacy and visual splendour of this performance. What we see on stage is one thing. But for what we see in the video to have been the live broadcast with nothing edited in post production is an amazing feat. The entire thing looks like a damn music video. Hopefully the girls will do this performance again and we'll get to see more of the routine, as the constant camera shifting interrupted the routine heavily. Although this was probably intentional.

The song in this performance is titled "Story" and is being tagged as the 'SXSW mix'. There is every likelihood of it appearing on their 5th studio album, although how it will sound and whether it will be a fully fledged track, a shortened intro or a full length intro track (as per "Enter the sphere") is anybodies guess. As it is, the song sounds like something off of Capsule's Wave runner. But the final thing could end up sounding completely different.

The song and the performance is an interesting one, because it feels like an amalgamation of Perfume's era's. The choreography was a cluster of moves taken from other routines of theirs. There is more than likely significance in the numbers also, as nothing is ever random with Perfume. There is always some meaning in the most seemingly insignificant things when it comes to these girls.

If Perfume titled their album 'Story' and rocked those fly monochrome dresses on the cover and slapped this EDM banger on it as the first track, I would not be mad. Not at all.


  1. J, you gotta look up and be amaze at how the girls handle the situation backstage..

  2. The numbers correspond to notes - in particular the notes in the faster string of numbers (there's an extra 4 in the slower set used as a rest)

  3. "A-chan says that this was all going on mere minutes before the show began. SHE WAS DOING MIC CHECK....."

    For What? LOL

  4. Stop. It was for P.T.A corner and to shout 'Jump!' during "Fake it".

  5. Crying... I'm glad you peeped that too. Her mic not working should have been the least of her worries.


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