Music video: Hikaru Utada featuring Ringo Shiina - Nijikan dake no vacance

Music video: Hikaru Utada featuring Ringo Shiina - Nijikan dake no vacance | Random J Pop

Ever since news broke that Hikaru Utada was making a return to the land of J-Pop to shit on careers, it's been a case of one surprise after another. One of the biggest being that Hikaru Utada has 3 guest features on her album, one of which is none other than Sheena Ringo.

Now, this is not some random collaboration or one artist trying to cash in on the success of another. This is a collaboration born of mutual respect for artistry. Hikaru Utada and Sheena Ringo have spoken highly of one another for many years. Hikaru citing Sheena as one of her influences and Sheena being a fan for Hikaru's; having covered "Letters" for Utada Hikaru no Uta and "Traveling" during one of her stage performances.

There are many parallels between Hikaru and Shiina. Both are well known for their song writing talents and their heavy involvement in the arrangements and production of their songs. As well as the integrity and honesty of their music being paramount over the commercial success.

So this union is a long time coming, and what a glorious one it is.

The music video is an amazing surprise, as many fans thought the only video they'd get featuring Hikaru would be for "Hanataba wo kimi ni". Then we get slapped with this bold, colourful, slightly off centre video which plays out like an adult, more subdue version of "Traveling" fused with some of the abstract visuals of "Colours".

It's great to see Hikaru smiling and laughing again, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. She had me the within the first second, because that look she gives in the opening of the video is pure sex. Then there's the hair, which looks so damn rich, perfect and pristine, that I want to know where the Kosé and L'Occatine contracts be at. (Mama Keiko's hair genes don't play). And don't get me started on Hikaru and Sheena's body contact. When Hikaru reached for Sheena's face, I stood up out my seat.

I would love for these two ladies to perform this live.