Music video: Hikaru Utada featuring KOHH - Bōkyaku

Music video: Hikaru Utada featuring KOHH - Bōkyaku | Random J Pop

Not content with leaving her fanbase with their edges in absolute tatters following the release of the music video for "Nijikan dake no vacance" and then her long awaited studio album (her first in 8 years), Fantôme. Hikaru Utada decided that on her birthday (January 19th) she was going to treat herself to some freshly snatched wigs, with the release of a music video for her album cut "Bōkyaku".

"Bōkyaku" is one of the oft talked about songs on Fantôme, due to it featuring a rapper (the first Hikaru has ever collaborated with for a Japanese release) who dominates the entire song to the point where you'd think Hikaru Utada is the guest feature.

"Bōkyaku" is the one song on Fantôme which captures the sentiment of the album theme and also the visual aesthetic of the album cover and the inlay. So it's nice to see all of this channelled through the video. A simple video, but an effective one which captures the song perfectly. I kinda love that KOHH is in a diamond choker and a leather harness with a fut coat. It's a complete clusterfuck of masculinity and femininity and it's fitting he's sporting such a look in a Hikaru Utada music video - as she is one of the founding Queens of the LGBT community.

If Hikaru wants to come for my scalp with another music video for Golden week or her mother's birthday, a bitch can feel free. Every song on Fantôme tells a story and paints such a vivid picture, that they could and should all have a music video.