Harry Styles debuts his album cut "Ever since New York" on Saturday Night Live

Harry Styles - Ever since New York | Random J Pop

One direction band member Harry Styles is set to release his long awaited self titled debut. His lead single "Sign of the times" has been surprising One directioners, casual fans and music listeners left, right and centre. Some have praised it. Some have shitted on it. But at least people are talking about it. Pah. Like the masses were ever going to ignore it.

My attention however is turned to a song of which Harry had performed life on Saturday Night Live, titled "Ever since New York".

I like this. I really like it. Hopefully the studio version won't differ too much. Although a little something extra on the chorus would help lift it a little more, whether it's some subtle strings or additional vocals.

I've never listened to a One direction album in full. Yet Zayn and Harry got me out here interested in their albums.