Music video: Perfume - Everyday

Music video / PV: Perfume - Everyday | Random J Pop

Was I foolish to think that the music video for "Everyday" would feature a concept completely different to the commercial that the song featured in? I really was, wasn't I? Given that Perfume have been a mess for the past 2 years, and if it smells like doo-doo and feels like doo-doo, then chances are that it is doo-doo.

Please excuse the ghetto quality of the video. This will be updated when Perfume add it to their official YouTube channel, which be in October with how late and nonreactive they be to everything.

The commercial we saw in June is pretty much the music video. The music video is "Nee" with a bit of "Sweet refrain". The only new scenes which we didn't see in the commercial are those which feature a clock and Perfume turning into soap suds.

There is so much more that Perfume's team could have done with this video. Perfume turning into soap suds could have been more of a theme. It would have been great for that visual effect to have been used on their dresses, instead of having them dance with Pringle caps stuck to their titties to look like soap suds. The set also could have featured actual soap suds, or at least convincing CGI soap suds.

This is such a basic ass video for Perfume and not that good kinda basic that at least has some aesthetic (i.e "Glitter"). The routine is rubbish too.

I'm only here for the first 20 seconds to hear Nocchiah Carey give me vocals*.
*As much vocals as a Perfume member can give.

Perfume really be out here letting their shit take a hit to sell some washing machines.

Shout outs to Mikie Tsang for the video.