Music video: Perfume - If you wanna

Music video: Perfume - If you wanna | Random J Pop

Perfume's 25th single "If you wanna" is growing on me up unto a point. I really like the verses (strained vocals aside), but the chorus and the lack of progression across the song stop be from outright liking it. It's a shame, because had the structure of the song had been refined and the song were given a stronger chorus, this could have been a great single. Especially with it getting a nice, if boring video and the song having one of Perfume's best routines in quite some time.

The video was literally 1mm x Flash featuring Spring of life. There was some Ghost in the shell teas, with a hint of telekinesis and a bit of Mass effect: Andromeda...or something. Nothing really made sense and I doubt it's deep. Not for a song which has the lyrics 'If you wanna kiss me' repeated over and over.

This video for me was all about Nocchiyoncé Ōmoto Knowles. She was the only one I noticed. Not only does she have the better looking outfit of the three, but she owns the shit out of the dance routine and her walk at 2:00 had me snatching air and muttering 'Yes bitch...yes. Get it'.

Between Nocchina Aguilera giving us vocals on "Everyday" and serving in this video, she's single handedly saving this single.