Hikaru Utada's reveals her Kingdom Hearts III theme "Don't think twice" and leaves everybody struggling

Kingdom Hearts x Hikaru Utada - Don't think twice | Random J Pop

Hikaru Utada has officially recorded a song for the Kingdom Hearts III soundtrack. This shouldn't be news to Random J Pop residents, because I DONE FUCKING TOLD YOU 5 YEARS AGO THAT A BITCH WAS GOING TO.

There were talks that Hikaru would not helm another theme song for the Disney and Square Enix crossover series. But there was no way in hell Square Enix was going to allow Kingdom Hearts III to release without a new song from her. They'd sooner re-use "Sanctuary" than have another artist record a song. The previous two games and the spin-offs which ran her old themes into the ground proved that. Hikaru being attached to the game is PR and marketing gold. I only took a damn interest in this Disney x Final Fantasy foolishness back in 2001 when I heard Hikaru Utada was doing the theme song.

Regardless of what fallout there was over money between Hikaru's father / manager and Disney, Teruzane knows them Disney cheques be too good to just pass up. Especially now that his daughter has a family of her own.

Sora, Goofy and Donald must be on an adventure to search for the beat to this song, because my ass couldn't find it.

This is me trying to catch the time signature on the damn thing.

Me trying to catch the rhythm and time signature of Hikaru Utada's "Don't think twice" | Random J Pop

I imagine once I hear the song in full along with the chorus, it may click. As was the case with "Simple and clean" and "Sanctuary", I'm sure the Japanese version will sound much better and feature all of the vocal production and additional lyrics that Hikaru can't seem to be bothered to offer her English language versions. If there is EVEN a Japanese version. But right now, I'm feeling a bit 'So what'. I never warm to Hikaru's Kingdom Hearts themes until long after. It took me the best part of a year to get into the original version of "Hikari" and I didn't get into "Passion" until years after it was released.

Remember, that Hikaru Utada's entire discography is available on Apple music, Spotify and Google music worldwide. So go get into that Ray of hope remix of "Simple and clean".

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