Music video: Christina Aguilera drops her dickly-speedly bop "Accelerate"

Christina Aguilera - Accelerate | Random J Pop

You may have forgotten that Christina Aguilera actually releases music, as it's been a hot minute (approximately 3,153,600 in fact) since we heard her screaming over a beat and try'na make it on the charts.

It's been a funny few years for Christina. Being a guest judge on The Voice, and being the one judge with the best vocal ability, but the least going on in her career commercially. Having the media scrutinise and mock her weight gain. Butchering a Whitney Houston tribute so bad that a bitch should have turned up to the stage in a white apron and a meat cleaver. And then clocking that she's not really had a stone cold solo hit since "Beautiful" back in 2002. All the while her peers have put out hit albums, burnt up the charts and have embarked on world wide tours.

But in the wake of two high profile TV appearances on RuPaul's drag race and Carpool karaoke on The late late show with James Corden respectively (both of which went down a treat) AND a Paper magazine feature which had the Internet go bat shit crazy; many twigged that the perfect storm she'd created was too good to not release something new. And here we are with a brand new single, "Accelerate", featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz and production from Kanye West.

The thing with Christina is that you never know what type of single you're going to get from her, because her style changes with every album cycle. In her case, now more than ever, it works in her favour, as she doesn't have a sizeable enough fan-base to guarantee her success off her name alone; something that the Aluminium certifications of Bionic and Lotus are proof of. But "Accelerate" has enough going for it should cross right over a demographic beyond her fanbase. Although...the production coming courtesy from Kanye 'Minstrel' West could fuck up its chances of success, due to his support of Trump and comments of slavery being a choice. Unfortunately untimely for Christina. So expect her answers to any questions of 'So, who produced this track and who can we expect on your album' to be...

"Accelerate" is a really nice song. Chilled, understated and with a bridge section that fucking SLAPS. I wasn't sure what I thought of it at first, but I knew I liked it enough to keep listening to it over and over. And each time I listen to it, I like it more.

The song and video feel like a re-introduction to Christina. She doesn't look how we're used to seeing her look or sounding how we're used to hearing her sound. We've seldom seen Christina without make-up so thick you'd have to pressure blast a bitch with coconut oil to get it off. And whilst Christina's tone is unmistakable, she's not giving us the crazy belts and deafening screams that she's known for. I'm not sure who told a bitch what, or what song or video of hers she heard and saw that had her so shook that she chose to re-boot and strip herself back on the 2 things she's known for, but I'm here for it.