Perfume give us "Mugen mirai 2.0" with their song "Let me know"

Perfume - Let me know | Random J Pop

"Let me know" is the last promotional song that we'll get from Perfume until their sixth studio album Future pop drops on August 15. The song is due to get a video. And given how lacklustre this song is, the video will need to be so fucking amazing that we're fully distracted by the fact that these girls re-released "Mugen mirai".

The common theme with every song we've gotten post Cosmic explorer, has been half decent verses, non-existent choruses, no sense of progression and the damn thing finishing before its even got going. In the re-purposed words of Robert Flack (or the Fugees, dependant on which era specific version you're familiar with) - Yasutaka Nakata is killing Perfume slowly with his song.

Here we are again. Yet another song with a chorus which is just a generic ass EDM drop, with no vocals and no discernible melody. It sucks the charm out of the song. Charm being the one thing that Yasutaka seems to have forgotten was a key part of Perfume's music.

Perfume's music is caught in a vacuum of Nakata's desire to chase the trend of a sound which really isn't for Perfume. Yasutaka seems to have this one idea in his head of what EDM music is and he isn't deviating from it or even adapting it for the girls. He's just bastardising their sound to retrofit his own idea of a sound. I could forgive the selfishness if the music was at least good. But so far, it's all sounding terrible. And there are no album mixes to pin any hopes on of the singles being improved.

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