Perfume hop on the Tik Tok train and serve us some MOVES

Perfume hop on the Tik tok train | Random J Pop

A few weeks ago, Perfume set up a Tik Tok account. Now, I don't know why these bitches would do such a thing, when they barely update their own Instagram account. But anyway. I guess they learned fast, that ain't nobody gonna bother going out of their way to download Tik Tok to their phone if they don't have it already, when their shit is going to end up on Tumblr and Instagram anyway; social apps that folk are most likely to have by default than Tik tok. So now they just upload their fun little Tik tok moments to Instagram.

Perfume's promotional activity has been so fucking dead over the past year, that watching 5 second videos of them dance to Daddy Yankee are highlights.

That second Tik Tok triggered me, because it gave me "Hurly burly" vibes and threw me into a spiral of thinking about how that fire got left off of an album and that Perfume have not ONCE performed that song in full.

Perfume's singles have been a mess. Their album roll out has been a mess. Everything in regards to Future flop has been pretty shitty. But the one thing I have consistently liked is the choreo the girls have given us to the singles that they've released. Well. Except for "Tokyo girl". But it's nice to see them dance to music other than their own and move in a slightly different way and with a different rhythm, whilst still retaining that Perfume essence. All of these routines see them moving more of their bodies and giving us quirk, but low key sensuality and hips. I'm a bit shook to be honest. Especially at a-chan, because she was really getting it. And I never thought for a second I'd ever see her drop it to the floor and pick it up slow, but a bitch did.

This could also be a low-key indication that Perfume can choreo their own shit. Which makes me wonder if they do in fact have any input into their routines. Of course, their long-time choreographer Mikiko is still the driving force and the one giving them the direction. But it definitely makes me wonder if Perfume have a level of input that we're not aware of. They've been dancing a particular style of dance with the same woman for close to 15 years. They know how their bodies move and what their physical vocab is, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. It would be cool knowing that Perfume actually have some say in what they do. But they probably told Mikiko that they wanted to do little short dance videos for Instagram and had her on Facetime to show them a routine they could do.