Is Mariah Carey's "A no no" about her ex manager Stella?

Is Mariah Carey's "A no no" about her ex manager Stella? | Random J Pop

Mariah has been very open about how much fun she's had recording her upcoming album Caution and that she wanted it to be fun. But even so, there's a pointed directness that the songs from Caution have had thus far. Even if Mariah is just 'having fun', she clearly had people in mind when she wrote some of these songs.

We could probably deduce that "GTFO" was possibly about Nick Cannon or her rich Australian boo James Packer and that "With you" and "The distance" are about Bryan Tanaka. I'mma interject this train of thought for a minute and tell you right now. This shit with Bryan won't last. When will pop chicks learn that a relationship with your dancer won't last for shit. Mariah should know better after how it went for Britney, Mel B of the Spice girls and Jennifer Lopez. But of course, she doesn't know J.Lo, so her shit doesn't count.

There is speculation that the Lil' Kim sampled kiss-off bop "A no no" could possibly be about Mariah's former manager Stella Bulochnikov. Now, for those who don't know. There was a period in Mariah's career where her performances were a total mess, she did a scripted reality TV show and released an album after countless delays a name change and a string of singles which failed to burn up the charts. All of these faux pas were the hands of this Stella bitch. And ever since Mariah let her ass go, she's looked and sounded the best she has in a long while, her promo has been solid and the music has been rolling out steadily and all sounding great. Mariah has been back on top form.

Now, I myself wondered if "A no no" was about Stella with an opening verse like...

I ain't even mad, no, not like before
Off with your head, now slither out the door
Snakes in the grass, it's time to cut the lawn
Ed Scissorhands, AKA "I cut you off"
No. You ain't gonna lie to my face no mo'
Hit me with 'I'm sorry', but I'm sorry, no
Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, no
Get me Ed Shapiro on the phone, case closed

There's no explicit mentions of 'Boy, you did...' or 'You played with my heart', so its plausible the song is about Stella's incapable ass. But the B.I.G. sample of 'He's a slut, he's a ho, he's a freak. Got a different girl everyday of the week' threw this notion out for me. But whilst the entire song may not be about Stella, there's certainly some lines that are digs directly at her. It's hard to shake that the first verse in particular is about anybody else.

I also have exclusive footage of the moment when Mariah sent Stella packing out of her life.

Mariah's shades and reads are subtle, but they are direct. Let us not forget the time she shaded Madonna and Jennifer Lopez on national television and that she came for Eminem on two songs ("Clown" and "Obsessed"). There are even rappers who didn't dare try it with Eminem, but Mariah let his ass have it twice.

Regardless, "A no no" is a banger. The whole song probably isn't solely about Stella. There have been numerous periods in Mariah's life where she's had people screw her over, try to put the wool over her eyes and act without her best interests at heart. So it's probably a song directed at all the such people that Mariah has been unfortunate to have in her life. It just so happens that Stella is one of the latest that we are all aware of and we can directly trace the damage she did to Mariah's career. And at a time when so many men seem to have issues with consent and not taking no for an answer, "A no no" also carries this with it too.

The next time somebody doesn't take no as answer from me, I'mma bring out a gospel choir to hit 'em with the 🎵 NOOOOOO. NOOOOO, NOOOOO, NOOOOO. NOOOOO, NOOOOO, NOOOOO! 🎵

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