Hear the Japanese bonus track from Mariah's Caution, "Runway"

Mariah Carey - Runway | Random J Pop

Mariah's 15th studio album is now out worldwide. But as has become customary in the music biz for global releases, the Japanese version of the album features an exclusive bonus track that no other version of the album has. The track is called "Runway" and marks the second song on Caution to be produced by Skrillex, the first being the Ty Dolla $ign assisted "The distance". The song interestingly samples Mariah Carey's very own song 1997 song "Butterfly".

The "Butterfly" sample got annoying real fast. Did Skrillex REALLY have to have it run through the whole entire song? Still, "Runway" is nice. It's a shame it wasn't included on the standard global release of Caution, as it would have sat nicely in between "Stay long love you" and "Portrait".

The introspective lyrics are quite possibly in reference to the past 4 years of Mariah's life, where she had an engagement get broken off, had a manager mismanage the shit out of her career, saw said manager blackmail her and was on the receiving end on some of the worse press she'd faced since Glitter as a result of her New year's eve 2016 performance performance. But it's also oddly poignant now in light of Mariah 2001 disaster Glitter having reached the number 1 spot on the US iTunes album chart 17 years after its release. The release of Glitter being a point in Mariah's career which (in her own words) "ruined her life".

The Japanese iTunes version of the song features KOHH, who Random J pop residents and Hikaru Utada fans will know of from her 6th Japanese studio album Fantôme. KOHH featured on the album highlight "Bōkyaku" and now he features on a song by Mariah Carey. CREDENTIALS. How many can say that they've featured on songs with US and Japanese music royalty? Your fave rapper wishes.