Hikaru Utada's This is the one is now available for streaming in the UK

Hikaru Utada's This is the one is now available for streaming in the UK | Random J Pop

So. I had a playlist on which happened to have songs from This is the one (albeit unplayable: I have Spotify set-up so that it shows songs which aren't available in my region, which is how I added them despite not being able to play them). And then "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI" starts playing. I turned at looked at my Google home with my mouth agape. BITCH. THIS IS THE ONE IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR STREAMING IN THE UK.

I'm not sure when it happened, but it did. So, if you're in a country where This is the one wasn't available for you before, try checking now and it should be. I say 'should', but of course, it may not be. I'm assuming that Hikaru's team and the good folk at Universal wouldn't have just unlocked the album for the UK. Unless it was a gift for us exclusively due to Theresa May stepping down as Prime minister. Or maybe Utada was done with not being able to stream one of her own albums with the Spotify account she set up with her UK credit card.

This is the one was never physically released in the UK, which meant Hikki fans had to import the bitch. So for the album to now be available for streaming is a nice surprise for those who didn't part with £20 just to own it.

This now means that all of my Hikaru Utada playlists are now fully listenable for all! They always featured songs from This is the one, but now (hopefully) everybody can listen to them.

No doubt this small-but-huge gesture will have some wondering if this means a third English language album is on the way. Yep. Same.

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