Music video: Tyler, the Creator - Earfquake

Music video: Tyler, the Creator - Earfquake | Random J Pop

Tyler, the Creator dropped a new album. And lemme tell you. The thing that made me check out this album wasn't that I'm a Tyler fan or that I'd heard a song. It was the album art. Tyler was giving me Grace Jones type tease that I was feeling so much, that I just had to give the music a listen. And bitch. I was not prepared. And it turns out one my faves from the album "Earfquake" had itself a video which features the Tracee Ellis Ross and Tyler in a Mary J. Blige meets Hilary Clinton ass wig.

I've never been a massive fan of Tyler's music. I've always towed the line between admiring him as a talented black creative who does what he likes, and being done with him over some of his ignorant ass comments and actions. But he's matured and become far more conscious of his actions and his mouth a lot over the past couple of years - even though he's still a piece of shit occasionally. Which I'm cool with. Because I know I can be.

I'm not sure whether I'll review Tyler's Igor album or not. But I'll just say this. If "Earfquake" did it for you, or you're a fan of woozy ass R&B, definitely check it out. It's a solid album. If you like Tyler when he's just straight rapping on songs, it might not be for you. But you're missing out an a good album. And I admire the fact that he produced all of the songs himself. I honestly had no idea Tyler, the creator had it with the production like that until I heard Solange's When I get home and saw his name littered throughout the liner notes.