Random J Pop playlist: Perfume - The Rest "P Cubed"

Random J Pop playlist: Perfume - The rest "P Cubed" | Random J Pop

I received a really nice DM yesterday from somebody who'd read my review of P³ (P Cubed) and shared their thoughts on it. One thought of which was that they would have liked more of Perfume's album cuts to have been included in the tracklist. P³'s tracklist is very singles-centric, which it was always going to be, considering that it is Perfume's first big Best release and that...well...this is how Best and Greatest hits albums always are. But I definitely felt where they were coming from.

Whilst P³ ticks the boxes a Best release should: a collection of songs which includes all of the singles and popular promotional tie-in songs, a great set of promotional images, and cool packaging which will make it a collectors' item - I won't ever listen to P³. Perfume don't ever change the arrangements of their songs when they perform them, so there's a level of fatigue that has set in with many of these songs. And Perfume very rarely switch up their setlists, which means you hear them regularly. Meanwhile some of their B-sides and album cuts get completely neglected. So for fans to want something different from P³'s tracklist which completely downplays the usual suspects is very valid.

Thankfully in a day and age of playlisting, if we don't like an album tracklist, we can make our own. So that's what I did with The Rest "P Cubed". A playlist featuring a selection of Perfume's B-sides and album cuts. Given most of Perfume's albums are made up of singles and songs which were used as part of promotional tie-ins (half of which made the cut for P³), the remaining material isn't all that plentiful. But quality beats quantity. Unless we talkin' 'bout money.

Twitter user Moongeist_beam - Thank you for your DM and for inspiring this playlist.

Oh. And this totally features "Glitter". The nerve of that being left off the original tracklisting.

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