Random J Pop Special Edition: Brandy - Love...

Random J Pop Special Edition: Brandy - Love... | Random J Pop

I love me some Brandy. But she's not one of the most active artists in the game. When she drops s'um, she drops sum. Fortunately for fans, Brandy has a legacy of great albums to her name which are timeless and have infinite replay value. But in addition to this, Brandy a shit load of unreleased material which has made its way onto the Internets, and a lot of it is really good. Like, better-than-her-last-two-albums kinda good. (See also, JoJo).

A lot of this unreleased material can be attributed to points in Brandy's career and albums for which she was recording. Some of it was recorded before Brandy locked an album down with Timbaland, Afrodisiac. Some of it was leftovers from Human ("Casualties", "Gonna find my love" and "After the flood"). Post Human, pre Two Eleven, Brandy started to record more Pop leaning songs written by Ne-Yo and The-Dream who were running the charts and radio at that time. This was a strange choice, as this was never how Brandy's compass pointed towards producers she'd worked with prior, but every Black chick in Pop was being shoved in the direction of Ne-Yo 'n' Stargate and The-Dream and Tricky Stewart. And in Brandy's case, her label wasn't trying to take no risks following Human being certified shrink wrap. This is when we got songs like "I bet'cha" (which was recorded by Def Jam shelf warmer Megan Rochell), "Stupid in love" (which Beyoncé also recorded) and "Louboutin" (which was eventually handed to the Queen of the Pop-potato pass-over Jennifer Lopez).

So Brandy has A LOT of unreleased material floating about, much of it really good. But as with all Random J Pop Special editions, this is not necessarily me saying 'This is the best of the unreleased material', (although the bulk of it is). But a selection of songs which sit well together to make what coulda been an album.

📀 Download it: Brandy - Love...
  1. Back and Forth
  2. Tell 'em
  3. I Don't Care
  4. Throw It All Wway
  5. Dig This
  6. Bring It Nack
  7. Sober
  8. Love Me The Most
  9. Casualties
  10. One Thing
  11. Sweet Nothings
  12. Feel So Good
  13. Locked In Love

Imagine having a whole bag of unreleased material, which is not only better than your last album, but also shits on many other hoes' albums.

Brandy be something else.

Yes. She may now be what many consider a flop. But with the holy trifecta of that is Never Say Never, Full Moon and Afrodisiac, alongside unreleased bangers; she good, we good, it's all good.

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