Flashback Friday (Part 2 of 2): Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real | How real is you tho?

Flashback Friday: Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real | Random J Pop  
With Mariah having released The Rarities and us finally getting a chance to hear the original version of "Loverboy", I had to give the song its moment. But I figured Jennifer Lopez's song which was born out of "Loverboy" and the pettiness of Mariah's ex-husband deserved its own moment too.

It is widely documented that "I'm Real" only exists because of Mariah Carey's "Loverboy". Mariah's ex-husband and Sony exec Tommy Mottola had caught wind that Mariah's first single following her departure from Sony featured Yellow Magic Orchestra's "Firecracker" (shit...he probably heard the whole thing), and informed producer Cory Rooney to craft something sampling the very same song for Jennifer Lopez's upcoming single. Thus marking the moment that Jennifer Lopez would forever be erased from Mariah's memory, and never have her name spoken by the elusive chanteuse.

I'mma be real though. I like "I'm Real". It was one of my fave songs on the J.Lo album.

Lambs don't play though. Because the first set of YouTube comments on this video for "I'm Real" are asking people if they've heard the original version of "Loverboy" and how Jennifer is a thief.

Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real (The YouTube comments) | Random J Pop

Of course my shady ass liked some of these comments.

A song about how you're real, but the person singing that they're real isn't even you.


As was the case with pretty much EVERY song Jennifer Lopez had released prior to "I'm Real" and after, none of the vocals on the chorus are actually Jennifer's. They don't even sound remotely like hers. I hope whichever Black woman they brought in to contribute these vocals got paid good.

It's crazy how the remix featuring Ja Rule completely overwrote this version of the song to the point where people don't even know that THAT song is in fact a remix. We could also call out how Jennifer Hopelez having rappers hop on remixes of completely re-arranged songs was a page out of the Mariah Carey playbook, but that's a discussion that can be had in the comments.

Having heard the original version of "Loverboy", Mariah's petty-ass-ex may have done her a favour, because "Loverboy" works far better with Cameo's "Candy" than it does YMO's "Firecracker". And dare I say it, Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Real" is better than the original version of "Loverboy". "I'm Real" makes far better use of the "Firecracker" sample and is better produced as a whole. It's far less repetitive.

And if the Mariah drama wasn't bad enough, Jennifer Lopez would end up splitting from her then boo Puff Daddy (who had a hand in her branding and even contributes vocals to "I'm Real") to kick start a relationship with one of the dancers in the video. And Jennifer Lopez barely singing on her own songs, and stealing material from other artists would go on to follow her like a bad smell.