Crystal Kay gives us a taste of her cover of Official Hige Dandism's "I Love..."

Crystal Kay gives us a taste of her cover of Official Hide Dandism's "I Love..." | Random J Pop

Crystal Kay is releasing the third digital single from her still untitled cover album, which is a cover of Official Hige Dandism's "I Love...". The original is super upbeat and has this rousing chorus, but Crystal has completely flipped it into a ballad for the holidays.

The promotion for this covers album has been pretty much Crystal Kay doing Instagram lives and nothing else. And despite this being her third digital single, it's only the second to receive a video and the first to actually feature her. 

Because Japan, the version on YouTube at time of posting is only a short version, even though it features a full 2 minutes of the song and video. The last minute of J-Pop songs and music videos very rarely, if ever, feature any kind of big twist or change, so I don't get why they don't just release short 15 second teasers instead. 


I am close to sick of Crystal putting out these types of songs. BUT. This is really, really nice. It feels like the kind of ballad Crystal would've done during her Sony days. Over her past two albums, Crystal's signature sound had been pretty much wiped out. So it's nice to hear a song from her which still feels like its hers, even though it's a cover. She sounds amazing. I feel like it's been a while since hearing her sing like this.

It would have been nice to have gotten a video where Crystal was giving me a fur coat and heels in the snow, but I know Japan is still taking COVD somewhat seriously when it comes to filming, and that logistically this was the safest solution. Also, LDH and Universal ain't giving Crystal EXILE budgets. Crystal looks amazing though. The hair? Yes bitch. Show Japan the texture.

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