Hikaru Utada strolls around London and Brighton for "One Last Kiss"

Hikaru Utada strolls around London and Brighton for "One Last Kiss" | Random J Pop

With the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy finally out in full after 84 years, comes a new Hikaru Utada song titled "One Last Kiss", which also comes with a music video.

Hikaru Utada fans have probably come not to expect either too much or anything at all when it comes to Hikaru Utada, especially when it comes to music videos. Sometimes you might get a video, sometimes you might not. Sometimes she might feature in it, sometimes she might not. I tend to err on the side of expecting nothing.

At the very least I thought that "One Last Kiss" may get a music video which is basically a montage of scenes from Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time. So imagine the pleasant surprise when it turned out that Hikaru Utada actually shot a music video and that she's in the damn thing.

Hikaru Utada really walked around the streets and parks of London filming herself singing to a new song, and I didn't see her. I say this like London isn't a big ol' city. Like I live around the corner from her. Like I actually leave my house these days.

Imagine going out for your daily walk and you see a bitch just twirling around outside, playing a new song you ain't heard before. I'd collapse.

Despite the video for "One Last Kiss" being shot during the pandemic and on a bunch of camera phones and handhelds, this still feels very much like a Hikaru Utada video and the kind of thing she probably would've put out regardless of whether there was a pandemic and shooting restrictions or not. Never forget that this is the woman who put out a one take music video of herself washing some dishes. Hikaru Utada has always been the queen of the pandemic music video.

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