Random J Playlist: Hikaru Utada Remixes

Random J Playlist: Hikaru Utada Remixes | Random J Pop

So, Hikaru Utada fans will know that there have been a fair few remixes to her songs over the years, but unlike Ayumi Hamasaki and Kumi Koda, she doesn't have a tonne of remixes commissioned, and those which were have yet to appear on any form of co-signed album release and probably never will. But that's cool. Because I took the liberty of curating a playlist of them.

As is the case with remixes, some are great. Some are...not so great. But it's always cool hearing re-workings of songs, and there is a definite sense of quality control when it comes to Hikaru Utada's remixes. She clearly lives for Russel McNamara aka PLANiTb, who has been remixing Hikaru's shit for YEARS, and had his remix of "Hikari" feature in the intro to the first Kingdom Hearts.

At time of posting I'm not 100% sure if the Utada remixes are available globally, but they are available for me here in the UK. So be sure to let the Hikki-hive know where you are and if the remixes are available for you in the comments.

🔊 Listen on Spotify: Hikaru Utada: Remixes

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