Kumi Koda and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu hit up Super Nintendo World

Kumi Koda and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu hit up Super Nintendo World | Random J Pop

Well, look what the Super Mario 3D World cat dragged in. Kumi Koda hit up Super Nintendo World.

The world is still in a pandemic last I checked, but we know Kumi Koda don't give a fuck 'bout no pandemic, and neither do Universal Studios Japan, who said 'Fuck it, we're opening' and flew the doors open on their delayed and long awaited attraction Super Nintendo World.

Super Nintendo World is a whole section of the park which is pretty much a Super Mario game come to life. It looks amazing. And when the pandemic is over in 2027, I will go. I've actually been to Universal Studios Japan once before. Not by choice. I'm not really into theme parks and all that type of shit. But friends slapped it on the holiday itinerary, and it turned out that the day we planned to go had nice weather, so I went along with it. And I had a fun time. Sometimes it's cool to just be a bit of a kid again. I also had no idea that certain IP's belonged to Universal. So seeing Sesame Street and Spider-Man threw me.

Everything about Super Nintendo World is primarily Super Mario themed, because...obviously. Super Mario is the most synonymous of Nintendo. But Pikmin are featured in the attraction as part of a cute Easter egg. And word has it that there are plans to extend the park to include other Nintendo IP's, one of which is rumoured to be Donkey Kong. A whole ass Congo Bongo Island would be very cool. I'd like a StarFox themed area of the park, but Nintendo seem to hate StarFox, so there's no chance of that. And don't even bother wondering about F-Zero. Nintendo don't give a fuck 'bout no F-Zero.

Kumi Koda and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu hit up Super Nintendo World | Random J Pop

Kyary had also visited the Super Mario themed park. Kyary had one featured in a couple of Nintendo commercials, so I'm surprised they didn't tap her again to feature in another. Even a year ago when Nintendo released their first big Super Nintendo World commercial, they opted for Charli XCX, which was a surprisingly on trend choice at the time. Then again this opening of Super Nintendo World is a bit of a mess anyway. And it'd be wise for Kyary to not be affiliated with anything urging people to flock to a park. But whatever.

And on a Nintendo and Kyary related note, last year I put together a Kyary album of sorts, which is basically what Japamyu shoulda been.