JoJo gives a lil' online anniversary gig for her album Good To Know

JoJo gives a lil' online anniversary gig for her album Good To Know | Random J Pop

Can you believe it's been a year since JoJo released her fourth studio album Good to Know, which means it's been over a year of this damn pandemic!? Can you still even believe that Good To Know is only JoJo's fourth album!?



To commemorate the 1 year anniversary of Good To Know, JoJo held a little livestream performance for free on YouTube. JoJo ended up having to cancel her Good To Know tour, because Miss Corona decided she wasn't done with her own tour. So this gig was a thank you and a sorry to her fans, and a fortunately unfortunate taste of what we didn't get to see JoJo do live around the world. I do wonder if ticket sales were a factor as to why the tour was cancelled and not just postponed.

JoJo only performed songs from Good To Know (including the deluxe edition), with the only non album cut being a cover of SWV's "Rain", which I'm sure fans have been waiting on JoJo to properly cover since the video of her doing a smidgen of it in somebody's living room hit years ago.

I wasn't keen on Good To Know when it first dropped. But then the acoustic version came out and I found myself liking it a lot more. Now JoJo is giving me live versions of these songs and I like them even more. I really hope JoJo considers releasing a Good To Know Live Album. I wish more artists generally would push the life of their albums the way JoJo has done with Good To Know.

It's a shame that JoJo had to cancel her tour, but maybe we'll get one for album number 5, which will give her even more material to work with. And given what JoJo has been delivering for the past year, she seems to finally have the right team and a setup which is allowing her to actually put shit out - so I feel hopeful that a follow up album will come sooner than later.

In the meanwhile though, I'mma need JoJo to release a full version of that "Rain" cover.

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