SM Entertainment serve a little Doja and Dua for Taeyeon's "Weekend"

SM Entertainment serve a little Doja and Dua for Taeyeon's "Weekend" | Random J Pop

So, Taeyeon has this new song called "Weekend" and it'll probably remind you of Doja Cat's "Say So", with a video that happens to look a little like Duolingo's "Break My Heart", with a bit of Perfume's "Everyday", and a touch of Nadine's "Go To Work". It's basically giving you everything but Taeyeon, even though it's a song and a video from...Taeyeon.

I'm as shocked as y'all that there's a Black woman in this music video.


I'm all for musical diversity. But every Taeyeon release has her doing a different style of song which is so different from the last, which leaves me wondering if SM Entertainment have any intention of actually trying to give Taeyeon a sound that's her own. Taeyeon seems to be the vessel for songs that sound like they could be Girls' Generation songs or songs that other members of the group would have done had they gone solo. I could imagine Jessica or Sunny releasing a song like "Weekend" and it really suiting them.

Every style of song Taeyeon puts out, she's able to pull off - she has a voice and look that can work for anything. But I never get a sense of who Taeyeon actually is and what her musical preferences are, and it's a problem for me and why I never latch onto anything she puts out. SM Entertainment approached Girls' Generation's music in the same way in the latter half of their career. There were odd songs from them which felt like SM lost sight of what Girls' Generation's sound was and should be, and instead had them trying to do what other girl groups were doing and doing far better. And now Taeyeon's here getting the same raw deal. Meanwhile Sunny is sat in SM HQ sealing payslips for the trainees.

Some SM acts take a while to fully step into their own and create a musical identity for themselves. Just look at how long it took for BoA to do it.