Mariah Carey releases her own alcoholic beverage, Black Irish. AH! YA THIRSTAY?

Mariah Carey releases her own alcoholic beverage, Black Irish. AH! YA THIRSTAY? | Random J Pop

Mariah Carey has done all the things in music, so is now extending her empire. Having launched a bunch of fragrances back in the olden days, some cookies and a book; Mariah is now adding liquor to the list. Because lawd knows 2020 and 2020: The revenge have been enough to reach for a glass every day. I truly do feel for those who have been trying their hardest to stay on the wagon.

With Mariah, being Mariah, her liquor of choice is Irish cream. And Because Mariah is Mariah, of course she's in a full Kristofer Buckle beat in a full gown lying on the beach in the promo material.

I could write y'all a whole paragraph on my relationship with Baileys, but I won't.

Okay. I guess I will.

SO. Irish cream is one of the few alcoholic drinks that I actually like the taste of and can guzzle down like it's milk. But because it is made from milk, I tended not to drink it back in 1907 BC when clubs here were open and I felt comfortable being in enclosed badly ventilated rooms with hoards of sweaty drunk people - because milk and my stomach have beef, and I ain't trying drop the kids off in no club toilet.

Mariah's liquor is called Black Irish, which absolutely sends me, because it's giving me 'I'm Black y'all. I'm Black y'all. I'm Blackitty-Black. Yes, I'm Black y'all'. Mariah's mother is Irish and her father is Black. I don't know if this is why she named her beverahe Black Irish, but I'mma go with it. It could be purely beverage related though, given that Irish cream is...well, Irish. And the largest known brands of Irish cream come in black bottles; Baileys, Kerrygold, Carolans. I don't know if there is some reason that black bottles tend to be a preference for Irish cream. That's exactly the kind of random, irrelevant shit I enjoy googling and watching videos on, so I'mma get back to you on this. As for 'Why Black Irish?', let's just say it's both of these reasons. Because it probabaly is a mix of both.

Black Irish is only available in the US at the moment. I was hoping to take my ass to Sainsbury's and buy me a bottle, because these flavours y'all. White chocolate Irish cream!? BITCH. But Mariah's team have run into trademark issues around the name, which is preventing Black Irish from being sold in the EU. I don't get why folk don't look into this shit before they go ahead and name shit. 

Expect all of Mariah's Christmas 2021 promo to include Black Irish. Because, quite frankly, what is more festive than a glass of Irish cream during the holiday season?

Hopefully she's done with those cookies, because that shit was random and they looked dry as all hell. Also, that website was busted.

Now, go run up those "It's Like That" and "Thirsty" streams whilst you swirl your glasses of Black Irish.

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