Perfume strike a pose for Levi's Red Fall / Winter 2021

Perfume strike a pose for Levi's Red Fall / Winter 2021 | Random J Pop

Perfume are still getting that Levi's coin to model Levi's Red, after becoming the faces for the Spring / Summer 2021 range. And as was the case before, Perfume stun in a bunch of looks which (at least of Kashiyuka and a-chan) are completely left of what we usually see them wear both on stage and off. The whole denim, boyish style that Nocchi is rocking is pretty much in line with what she wears anyway, but she is still the baddest looking bitch of the three. Nocchi knows what she did.

Perfume strike a pose for Levi's Red Fall / Winter 2021 | Random J Pop

Kashiyuka is like 'Give them midriff and waist'. Nocchi is like 'Give them street'. a-chan is like 'Give them nothing'.

Perfume & Levi's® Red Fall / Winter 2021 | Random J Pop

I really do wish that Perfume's style team would work some of their fashion tie-ins into their stage outfits. It would make so much more sense. Japan has this weird habit of often divorcing artist product promotional tie-ins from an artists' day to day appearances and performances, and it's bizarre to me that there's no synergy between the two. It'd be great to see Perfume perform in a look which incorporates denim, whilst still sticking to the silhouettes they're known for on stage Of course it'd take some clever design to ensure Perfume can still dance comfortably and easily. But it wouldn't be impossible given the feats Perfume have carried out on stage over the course of their careers. And if they can dance in motorised dresses for "Spending All My Time" and 3 layers of outfits on their Future Pop tour, then they can dance in some denim skirts.

Whatever the deal is, Perfume's style has been in dire need of an update for years. It's crazy, but kind of amazing how Perfume have stuck to the stage looks that we know of now for so long that we oft forget that this wasn't always the case. Only from "Laser Beam" onward did we start to see Perfume adopt the stage looks they're known for now. 

I'm glad to see the Perfume be almost aggressive with switching up their looks in 2021. But I need more.

Levi's have also released several videos which feature Perfume showing of the threads to a musical backdrop provided by Japanese musician YoshimiO.

Levi's Red is a global range, yet Perfume's tie in is Japan only. I never get why brands don't make some of their celebrity campaigns global. Not only are Perfume known outside of Japan, but if nothing else it's additional content for other countries to use. The same thing happened when Perfume featured in a UNIQLO campaign. It was a Japan only thing, at a time when they had announced a tour in the US. So surely, it woulda made sense to have featured that campaign in the Sta-


Perfume look really good.

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