Perfume serve grown and sexy for Levi's

Perfume serve grown and sexy for Levi's | Random J Pop

Perfume's latest brand cheque comes courtesy of Levi's. An odd partnership given that Perfume are hardly known for rocking denim and that they have their own clothing line Perfume's Closet. But, hey. We're in a pandemic. Levi's have got jeans to sell and Perfume have coin to make during a period where they can't tour.

The real shocker with this collabo is the campaign visuals and the video, which has Kashiyuka showing midriff, Nocchi wearing a fitted tank top, and a very suggestive shot at the end where Kashiyuka's jeans are at her ankles. Meanwhile a-chan is barely in this thing and what you do see of her is 100% covered up.

Perfume teaming up with Levi's only makes partial sense because of Nocchi, who regularly wears jeans on days where she's styling herself. The ladies look great though. I've said it once and I'mma keep saying it - it's a mess that Perfume can look grown, sexy and fashionable for shoots and magazines so easy, and yet continually choose to hit the stage looking like Super Sentai trash. I get that their outfits are made to be functional and easy to dance in, but that's no excuse for some of them looking like they were made during a Drag Race design challenge by bitches who can't sew.

Perfume serve grown and sexy for Levi's | Random J Pop

The image above might be one of the few instances where a-chan is out-serving Kashiyuka and Nocchi. She looks good in this look. Kashiyuka looks like a boss bitch lesbian who runs a magazine, and Nocchi is just Nocchi: casually being a bad bitch. Although as good as she looks, and with it adhering to a-chan's thing of being covered up, more so than she is in regular Perfume get-up - Perfume would never hit a stage with a-chan in trousers. If there's one thing Perfume gon' give you its consistency. Only Nocchi does trousers. But a switch up to their stage looks is sorely needed. That "Time Warp" look was a wrap from the start. It's time for Perfume to change some shit.