Perfume set to release a brand new single "Time Warp" in September

Perfume set to release their 31st physical single "Time Warp" in September | Random J Pop

Perfume are set to release a brand new single on September 16th, titled "Time Warp", which will be their first physical single release since "Mugenmirai" back in 2018. The release will also feature "Saisei" which was previously only made available digitally. Hopefully this means we can say goodbye to that ugly ass art they used for the song once "Time Warp" hits streaming services.

Perfume's styling team seem to be on this 'Let's give them a half decent outfit, but fuck it all up with the shoes' vibe. These "Mugenmirai" boots been ugly. And they just ruin what is actually a nice look for Perfume. It's giving me "Sweet Refrain" attends a business meeting in the 1980s.

Here's my raggedly mock-up of what the damn shoes shoulda been.

Perfume in dem good "Time Warp" boots | Random J Pop

"Time Warp" will be releasing as part of a campaign celebrating Perfume's 15th anniversary since signing to a major label and their 20th anniversary of being Perfume. It's called Perfume 15th & 20th anniversary, because we know Perfume love using extra numbers at any chance they get. Perfume are breaking this anniversary celebration into volumes, with the first being the home release of their P Cubed tour and the cinema release of Reframe, and the second being the release of "Time Warp", with possibly more volumes to follow.

It feels kinda weird to go from a Best release campaign into an anniversary campaign, because it still feels like we're in P Cubed mode - which I get. Making the two one thing makes sense. But it would have been nice to have drawn a line under it, which I thought was the intent of P Cubed. To start fresh. Post P Cubed single "Saisei" sounded like it was cut from the same cloth as "Challenger" and "Nananananairo", and even featured a retrospective style music video. Now we have a song with 'time' in it's title in the midst of an anniversary campaign. And I'm already screwing my face up at the thought of "Saisei" featuring on Perfume's Future Pop follow-up because I honestly don't think that it should. It shoulda been on P Cubed. P Cubed. P³. 3 new songs. But, whatever.

I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, because it's nice to have a new Perfume single on the way. Maybe "Time Warp" will be the line drawn under this Best release and anniversary phase.

I've moved into a place of no longer being excited for Perfume's songs and instead being thrilled to find out what mess Nakata is going to hit us with. This is where my expectations be at. I imagine it's going to be on the same tip as "Saisei", "Challenger" and "Nananananaiiro" - which actually weren't bad songs contextually, but not great songs on their own.

I do at the VERY least hope that we get a great music video though. It's been a while since we got a really cool, creative music video from Perfume. Giving us visual excellence will offset the quality of the single if it ends up being doo-doo. Needless to say the live performances will be good and do the absolute most for the song.

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