Perfume serve "Star train" (Part 2) retrospective realness in their music video for "Saisei"

Perfume serve "Star train" (Part 2) retrospective realness in their music video for "Saisei" | Random J Pop

I completely forgot that Perfume had a whole new single out even though I posted about it. Twice.

Say what you will about that.

Much like "Flash", the video for "Saisei" doesn't have any obvious visual link to the film it features as the theme song for, as "Mirai no museum" did for example.

Perfume's music videos have gone through somewhat of a transition as time has gone on. Each video still features a unique quirk, but the levels of creativity vary from video to video. More so now than before. Sometimes we'll get a really amazing video. Sometimes we'll just get an okay one. With "Saisei" it falls somewhere in the middle.

Again, as with "Flash", it's a case of a pretty simple and standard video on the whole, which has a great moment in it. With "Flash" it was the lightsabers. With "Saisei" its how Perfume's older videos are utilised.

This video is basically "Star train" (Part 2) but with a dance routine. The retrospective look at all of Perfume's previous videos was a surprise, given that this song is not on their Best album P Cubed. This is the type of video that would have made more sense contextually for "Nananananairo" or "Challenger" (which will also receive a video). But what was done during the chorus was ingenious. Shout outs to whoever had to sift through all of those old videos to match that shit and make it happen.

As has become a standard for Perfume, the outfits are a type of mess, but not the worst. And the routine is cute. I think "Saisei" is going to be another one of those Perfume singles which will grow on you more when you see the girls perform it live.

Nothing about this video is bad, it's just okay. And we know that Perfume and their team are capable of giving us much better than 'just okay'. As for the song, I like that we're out of that Future bass mess and we're getting Perfume songs with melody changes, chord progressions and actual choruses. I just with the song were tighter as a whole. The song in parts is good, but something about how it's put together feels off, which is similar to how I felt about "Tokimeki lights". Nice melody, great chorus, but odd verses and strange transitions.

I think it's a shame "Saisei" wasn't included on P Cubed. 3 new songs would have also adhered to the 3 concept. And the sound and the lyrics sits nicely alongside "Challenger" and "Nananananairo".

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