Remix: Perfume featuring Khia - Nananananairo my neck (ナナナナナイロ my neck)

Following on from the debut of my mashup of Perfume's "Nananananairo" with Khia's "My neck, my back (Lick it)", I had a couple of requests for the full length song. Fuck knows why, because there's only one section where "My beck, my back (Lick it)" features and you've already heard it. But if y'all want it, then who am I to deny you?

Perfume could be such nasty hoes if their team let them. But instead we get shit like "Tiny baby", songs about bubbles in a washing machine and ♪ We are chalunjah ♪ - like they weren't singing ♪ Take me tonight ♪ back in the day.

💾 Perfume featuring Khia - Nananananairo my neck | Download

Perfume's Best album P³ (P cubed) is available physically, digitally and across all major streaming platforms. Unfortunately "Nananananairo my neck" doesn't feature on it though.

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