Rina Sawayama is releasing her second studio album Hold the Girl in September, and my wig is dishevelled

Rina Sawayama is releasing her second studio album Hold the Girl in September, and my wig is dishevelled | Random J Pop

Rina Sawayama has a new album dropping this year.

This is not a drill. Official release date and teaser is out and everything. Bitch. I-

When I first saw this teaser, I thought it was for a single. Then I saw ‘September’ and thought ‘Why would you tease a single in May, only to not release it until September?’. I thought Rina was on some early 2000s J-pop timeline foolery. But I kept watching the video. And then I saw it. And I gasped. Y’all know that crazy-ass, seizure inducing editing you get in Bollywood dramas? That was me. Shocked. Gasping. In disbelief, from 7 different camera angles, and glass shattering transitions like a Final Fantasy battle is about to start.

Y’all Pixels don’t need me to tell you that the teaser video includes a chaotic edit of clips and sections of songs which will undoubtedly feature on the album. Although it gives us very little to go on, in terms of what these songs will sound like - it’s clear that the rock tinged sound we got from Rina (“Alterlife”) and Sawayama (“Who's Gonna Save U Now?”) is making a return. And that “Catch Me in the Air”, a song Rina has been performing on her tour, will be included on this album. It’s almost a shame that she’s performed “Catch Me in the Air” as frequently as she has been doing, and that it’s been circulating online for months, because I think it would make a great single. But there’s nothing to stop it from being one and getting the full promo treatment. And it should. Maybe it’s partly why she’s been performing it.

Rina Sawayama’s second studio album Hold the Girl is dropping on September 2nd. Its lead single “This Hell” releases on May 18th. My wig is a state at this news alone.

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