Crystal Kay announces a gig in Los Angeles and it sells out in days

A close-up shot of Crystal Kay behind a mesh veil, bathed in purple light.

Crystal Kay has been in Los Angeles having her a good-ass time, but decided she might open the MacBook and do a lil’ work away from home. Because she has announced that she will play a gig in L.A.

Crystal Kay put the question ‘Would you guys pull up if I did a show in LA’ to her fans on Instagram, and was hit with a resounding ‘Yes’. And then asked what songs should she perform and was flooded with requests. Some of y’alls choices were questionable, but I know it was out of love.

The flyer for Crystal Kay’s Live in LA gig. Featuring a shot of her with her natural curly hair, bathed in a purple light.

Graphic design is the passion of whoever did this. But I’m just glad we didn’t get this...

The mock-up of Crystal Kay’s flyer for her Live in LA gig. Featuring a promotional shot of Crystal Kay taken back in 2020.

We know how Crystal ‘n’ dem loved this photo.

I do wonder if Crystal Kay always had the gig planned in her back pocket, or if it was truly something she pulled together last minute, on-the-fly. If it’s the latter, then good on her.

One thing we have long known about Crystal Kay is that she stays ready. Somebody could pull up to her whilst she’s shopping at Costco and ask her for a performance on the spot, and if she has a microphone, she will give you a damn performance.

Crystal recently asked fans on Instagram if she should prepare some merch for the tour too. Girl. With what time? What decent merch are you going to be able to get made in a week, given the quality of the gig flyer? And that flyer better not be on the T-shirts as merch. I think she should just have a small selection of her albums for sale. But I wonder if she’d be able to get anything shipped in time. Sony don’t talk to her any more and Universal couldn’t care less about a bitch.

A big issue with Crystal Kay’s career at the moment (one of many) is that nothing ever leads to anything. She has this whole YouTube thing going on, but it’s not leading to anything or really tying into anything she does musically. So, with this L.A gig, I hope that it materialises into a Japanese tour. She can keep the exact same format. Just travel it around the country. Don’t even bother changing the name of it. Just call is Live in LA, put a mini palm tree on the stage and come out to “California Love”.

In the wake of her doing a gig in L.A, it really would make zero sense for her to not do any gigs in Japan between now and Christmas - or at the very least, not tour during the spring. But I think a huge issue with Crystal Kay and her team at the moment is that they doesn’t seem to have any real sense of her popularity. Crystal barely appears on TV any more. Doesn’t perform gigs frequently. Songs of hers aren’t regularly tied to popular dramas or products, and when they are, they’re not promoted. And commercially, Crystal Kay no longer has a definable style or something she is currently known for the way that she once was. So gauging a commercial response is hard, because Crystal Kay doesn’t release or do enough with any frequency or consistency for anybody to get good temperature checks. And whatever temperature checks her team do get will always be skewed as fuck, because they have her out here releasing the wrong material at the wrong times, with the wrong looks.

And then there is her fanbase, which isn’t as active or as mobilised as those of her peers, because the bottom fell out of everything in 2010 with Flash and Spin the Music. The most crucial point of her career, where the right releases and right promotional choices would have really solidified things for Crystal Kay and set her up for whatever came next. But that didn’t happen. So, she and her team really need to work on this and course correct like fuck. But of course they won’t. Because her team ain’t shit. How is Crystal Kay with a MacBook a trial version of Photoshop and a burner Apple Mail account doing more for her career on holiday than her team is able to do when she is in her home country!?

Gurl, fire the whole management and marketing team.

Needless to say that this Live in LA gig probably won’t be professionally shot, which means we will get no full professionally shot performances uploaded to Crystal Kay’s official YouTube channel.